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Delyna Mandas in Tel Fyr is a House Redoran quest available in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. The quest is undertaken at the behest of Llerar Mandas, who wants his granddaughter, Delyna Mandas, rescued from the Telvanni stronghold of Tel Fyr.


During the quest, The Mad Lord of Milk, if Llerar Mandas is consulted, he will state his son's daughter has been captured and is being held by Divayth Fyr. Llerar believes that this is what has driven Arethan to madness, and hopes the return of Delyna will help.

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Delyna Mandas in Tel Fyr – HR_RansomMandas
10Llerar Mandas believes that his son's madness was caused when Delyna Mandas disappeared in Tel Fyr.
  • Quest accepted
20Llerar Mandas believes that his son's madness was caused when Delyna Mandas disappeared in Tel Fyr.
30Divayth Fyr told me that many people enter his tower and that he cannot be expected to look after them all. He will allow me to search his tower looking for her.
50Delyna Mandas told me that she was caught by Uupse Fyr and placed in this cell. She asked to be escorted back outside Tel Fyr.
70Delyna Mandas made it safely out of Tel Fyr.
90Delyna Mandas mentioned that her father, Arethan Mandas is probably worried about her. She gave me a locket to take to Arethan Mandas as proof that she is safe.
100Llerar Mandas thanked me for rescuing his granddaughter, Delyna Mandas.
  • Quest complete

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