Denegor is a Bosmer commoner who resides inside the The Winged Guar inn, in the district of Godsreach, Mournhold.


Denegor has been drinking in the Winged Guar for a while, and is drunk by the time the Nerevarine approaches him. He makes racists taunts, regardless of the Nerevarine's race.



During this quest, the Nerevarine stands as bouncer. They need to handle the drunk, Denegor being one of them. With a high disposition, he can be persuaded to calm down.





Greeting (during the quest "Bouncer" "Hey, hey, watch it there. *hic* Why're you harrass... harrass... harassin' me? I ain't done nothing to you *hic*. Damn you, you dirty [PC Race]. Always . . . *hic* always causing problems."
causing problems "That's right! *hic* I've never met a [PC Race] I liked. I say we should just ship them all back to... to... *hic* well, to wherever the heck they came from and build a wall between us and them. WHO'S WITH ME?!"

"Sir, why don't you calm down a bit?" (low disposition) "*hic* Not for the likes of a dirty [PC Race] like you, you... you... bubble-faced puke. I can say whatever I want to say and nobody can stop me. NOBODY!"
"Sir, why don't you calm down a bit?" (high disposition) "Well, okay, I guess, but just because you ask me so nice. Bartender! Get me another sujamma so I can sit here and drink all quiet and sweet like the good [PC Race] says."
causing problems "I'm cool. No problems."
"Sir, you're going to have to leave. Please come with me." "No, I'm not coming with you, you dirty [PC Race]! *hic* Who knows what revolting tricks you'll pull when we're alone. *hic* GET AWAY FROM ME! You won't take me in! You can't! VICTORY! OR... VICTORY!" (attacks)


  • If asked anything else than what is listed above, Denegor will answer "Oh yeah, sure. Heard ya the f-f-first time."