"My nephew has always been handed things, even the title of Jarl."
―Dengeir of Stuhn[src]


Dengeir of Stuhn is a Nord who was the former Jarl of Falkreath, and is currently a Thane of the hold. He will retake his former position as Jarl if the Stormcloaks liberate Falkreath.


When spoken to, he comes off as highly suspicious of nearly everyone. In fact, he even suspects his maid of passing off information about him. Even if Dengeir becomes Jarl, he is still as paranoid as he was before.


Dengeir of Stuhn lives in Dengeir's House in Falkreath. His brother Thadgeir also lives with him as well as Tekla, his faithful maid. Dengeir is also Jarl Siddgeir's uncle.

Jarl of FalkreathEdit

He once ruled Falkreath as Jarl, but his nephew Siddgeir has taken over the position as Jarl and Dengeir now serves the Jarl's Court as a Thane.

His story of why he was deposed as Jarl differs radically from his nephew's. He believes he was asked to step down when he took sides with the Stormcloaks and that it was, in fact, an Imperial plot to oust him from his seat of power. Dengeir states that he began noticing that Imperial spies were everywhere amongst the people of Falkreath, keeping tabs on and influencing everyone from the shadows.

When Dengeir found out about this, the spies made a few well placed bribes and the next thing he knew, the Nobles were calling for a new Jarl. Siddgeir, who is ever willing to please the Empire, was then named in his place. However Siddgeir states that Dengeir had become too frail in his old age to be Jarl.


Some Light TheftEdit

Dengeir needs help in retrieving a note, possibly destined for Imperial hands, from Lod's House.

Dark AncestorEdit

Sometime after completing the first task, Dengeir will ask for help with another. He explains that a nearby grave has been dug up and it is thought to be the work of gravediggers. He states that it was his ancestor, Vighar who is a vampire and has now been freed from his coffin. He requests assistance in dispatching this foe and saving his family's reputation before Vighar's condition is revealed. If the Civil War questline has been completed and Dengeir is now Jarl, this quest becomes unavailable.

Liberation of SkyrimEdit

If the Stormcloak quest "Rescue from Fort Neugrad" is completed, Dengeir will become the Jarl of Falkreath once more. When asked why he supports the Stormcloaks, he states that, "Some emperor in Cyrodiil does not know what's best for Skyrim and should not dictate how her people should live." He also states that he is "no fool" and knows that Ulfric Stormcloak is "selfish and power-hungry" but that he is the devil he knows (as opposed to the emperor).



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