Not to be confused with Dithis Romori.

Denthis Romori is a Dunmer mage and the brother of Dithis Romori. They are encountered multiple times in Stonefalls and later into Coldharbour.


The Wizard's TomeEdit

The wizard Valdam Andoren in Davon's Watch told me his apprentice has stolen his spellbook. I offered to help find him, but there's a problem. To punish him for a previous theft, the wizard changed the warding rune on the book.

A Goblin's AffectionEdit

While attempting to test a new spell, Denthis Romori transformed his brother, Dithis, into a female Goblin. The Goblin lass has been kidnapped by a local Goblin warlord named Chieftain Grimmstal.

The Weight of Three CrownsEdit

I convinced the leaders of the three alliances to meet to discuss a plan to attack Molag Bal's realm of Coldharbour. The meeting takes place on the historic island of Stirk. Hopefully, the meeting will go smoothly.

Hall of JudgmentEdit

Some of the mages who helped open the initial portal to Coldharbour were captured when they arrived. Now they're prisoners in the Daedric Court of Contempt, awaiting the verdict of Judge Xiven in the Hall of Judgment.