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Denyiir is an Imperial test character in The Elder Scrolls IV: Oblivion.


Denyiir can only be located through the use of Console Commands. They exist primarily as a test character, in a location such as ToddTest.[1]

Denyiir exists in two separate locations. He exists in Hawkhaven right outside the Testing Hall (00024413), and also with Lonely Man in the AI Warehouse (000281B2), accessible through the Testing Hall.


  • Denyiir has the maximum responsibility of 100, meaning he will be able to report any crimes even if there isn't a Guard around, his disposition will rapidly drop if said crimes are committed, and will often attack the individual after witnessing multiple crimes, or a serious one such as murder.
  • Despite being a Merchant, his skills reflect being a Knight, and has 15 in Mercantile, being Novice level, making him easy to trade with.
  • Denyiir has 0 in sneak, the least of any character in the game.