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"Sanessalmo? Now that name I remember. Used to be a member of the Queen's inner circle!"

Depths of Madness is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online. Eminelya asks the Vestige to find the Queen's entourage who were teleported away by a crazy mage. Sanessalmo, the mage, is testing each of them in their own world. The Vestige offers to participate in his tests, and Sanessalmo opens portals for them.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Investigate the Vale
  2. Talk to Lanitaale
  3. Talk to Projection of Sanessalmo
  4. Rescue Minantille, Merion and Nuulehtel
  5. Confront Sanessalmo
  6. Return to Eminelya
  7. Talk to Eminelya
  8. Talk to Merion
  9. Search Merion's backpack
  10. Collect Bloodcrown Spores, Lavendercap Mushrooms and Gleamcap Spores
  11. Dispel malevolent spirit
  12. Talk to Merion
  13. Talk to Nuulehtel
  14. Collect straw, flint and tinder, and oil
  15. Start a fire
  16. Talk to Nuulehtel
  17. Find Minantille
  18. Aid Minantille
  19. Talk to Minantille



  • Update 1: Fixed several areas that would cause you to accidentally exit the zone and fail the quests.
  • Update 1: Fixed various issues with Sanessalmo speaking at incorrect times throughout all three quest steps.