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For this location in Online, see Deshaan.
"The southern reaches of Deshaan, where ancient tribes vie for plots of the fertile black soil on which to grow marketable crops, support a variety of crops and livestock."

The Deshaan Plains or simply Deshaan or the Central Plains are the central grazelands located on the mainland of Morrowind. The traditional Dunmeri capital, Mournhold is located in the center of the region atop of Lake Amaya.[1]



Redolent LoamEdit

Deshaan is located in the south central region of Morrowind. South of Stonefalls and north of the Black Marsh region, Shadowfen. Deshaan is anchored by the Tal'Deic Fortress and the city of Narsis from east to west respectively. The Redolent Loam region of Deshaan has many notable settlements including the House Hlaalu capital, Narsis as well as Serkamora, Muth Gnaar (an Ashlander settlement), and Malak's Maw (an Orcish stronghold). The northwestern loam tends to be rockier as it does more eastward. The Obsidian Gorge is a pass with multiple merchants camped out throughout the road. North of the loam leads to Stonefalls and the Varanis region. The primary focus in the area is Lake Hlaalu which is north of Narsis.


The Lagomere region in Deshaan houses the traditional capital of Morrowind, Mournhold. Lagomere is much more mountainous than the other regions in Deshaan. Many Dwemer ruins including Mzithumz and Bthanual dot the landscape. It's impossible to travel through Lagomere and not come across Mournhold and all its glory. The Mournhold Tribunal Temple was once the home of Almalexia of the False Tribunal. On the river in Lagomere, a large dam makes up the border between Black Marsh and Morrowind. The roads to the south lead to Shadowfen and Stormhold. In southern Lagomere, the Deepcrag Den is a busy Kwama mine that provides the freshest kwama eggs to Mournhold. On an island north of Mournhold is the Shad Astula school of magic.


The Siltreen region in Deshaan is a fertile grassland with marshes to the west and farmlands to the east. The Tal'Deic Fortress is the ruling stronghold in the region, and it is occupied by House Redoran. Siltreen's western region is known as the Vale of the Ghost Snake. In the Vale, the Mabrigash Tribe of Ashlanders live in the center and worship the Ghost Snake. West of Tal'Deic is a large settlement known as Selfora. Because of Deshaan's proximity to Black Marsh, the Argonians in Deshaan live in the town of Silent Mire. The Argonians live off their crops and seclude themselves from the Dunmer in the region. Near Silent Mire is successful Darkshade Caverns kwama mine occupied by House Redoran. Northern Siltreen has many ancient ruins dating back to the time of Saint Veloth. The Shrine of Saint Veloth and Eidolon's Hollow are located in upper Siltreen.

Southern MarshesEdit

Deshaan extends much further down in Morrowind. Deshaan encompasses the northern border region of Black Marsh near Shadowfen and Thornmarsh and the Peninsula in the southwest which holds the capital of the Great House Dres, Tear. House Dres' main income comes from the Slave Trade in Morrowind. Since Tear is close to Black Marsh, slaves from Black Marsh come in tenfold.[2]

The Southern Marshes are said to be where the Clockwork City of Sotha Sil is located in Morrowind. The Clockwork City is an incredibly large workshop made by Sotha Sil, a member of the Tribunal. Many of his contraptions including the Fabricants and Imperfects. The city is not a real city per se; it is more of a large complex of spinning gears, brass tunnels, and large domes. The only real citizen in the "city" is Sotha Sil.[2]



The Kagouti.

The Kagouti are large bipedal predators usually found alone or with a couple of other ones. The Kagouti resembles the Alit except much more larger and built for combat. They have large heavy heads with horns on them that pack quite the punch. It's back is riddled with sharp plated ridges.[3]

The Alit is a common bipedal predator found throughout Morrowind, Black Marsh, and even parts of Valenwood. Alit Hides are sought out by the Ashlanders in the areas and fetch a high price. The Alit resembles the Kagouti except for less armored and more green. They have small beady yellow eyes and large claws on their foot.[3]

The Netch is a common creature found throughout Morrowind, from Deshaan to Solstheim. The Bull Netch is the alpha male of the Netch while the Betty Netch is the female. The youngling is known as the Netch Calf. The Netch is a versatile creature for the Dunmeri people, their Netch Jelly is a delicacy in Morrowind, and their Netch Leather is used for armor. Netches excrete a foul stench whenever it gets agitated.[3]

Nix-Hounds are arthropod predators found in packs. Nix-Hounds have four legs with sharp claws and hooked knees. A Hounds face has two big pink eyes in the middle of their face, two smaller black eyes atop of the pink ones, and two blue eyes under the pink ones. A hound would also have a long sword-like snout. The meat on Nix-Hounds are sour.[3]

Because of it's proximity to Black Marsh, many faunal usually found in Black Marsh can be found in Deshaan; this includes the Giant Wasp. Giant Black Wasps can be found isolated with some nearby while red wasps tend to swarm a nest. Much smaller wasps are gathered for fishing parts. Wasps are large insects with flying wings and large antennas. Wasps in Black Marsh can eat even Argonians.[4]

In the Vale of the Ghost Snake, there is an abundance of Giant Snakes. The Snakes are similar to their sea cousins in the Abecean Sea. The Snakes have long crests that go as far as the tip of the tail, and their jaws are large enough to swallow a person whole.[4]

Deshaan has many different types of fish including: Mud Lamprey, Old Man Gar, Pikeblenny, and Toadstool Tilapia.


Deshaan houses the tradition flora seen in other grasslands including the Vvardenfell Grazelands and Bal Foyen. Large Mushrooms dot the landscape, big to small. The mushrooms grow Emperor Parasol Moss from the head. These mushrooms are useful for a traveler in the rain or an ash storm. Scathecraw and Spiky Grass can be found throughout the landscape and bodies of water in Deshaan. Deshaan has large spiral trees that tower over small homes.


Great HousesEdit

"Don't cross the Dres!"
Tel Verano[src]

Deshaan is the political center of Morrowind. Three of the five major Great Houses have capitals in the region, two of which have capitals in the main section in Deshaan (from the Redolent Loam to Siltreen). Mournhold is the capital of Morrowind and is where Almalexia of the False Tribunal stayed in before her declension from godhood. It's also the capital of House Indoril who once worshiped the Tribunal greatly. The Lagomere region is Indoril territory. During the Alliance War, the House Indoril military in nearby Stonefalls is considered to be one of the powerful ones in all of Morrowind and leading the helm was the House Indoril Grandmaster, Tanval Indoril. Indoril Troopers tend to have the more clout in a region so bribing them can provide positive results. [5]

House Hlaalu Banner

House Hlaalu Banner.

Western Deshaan is House Hlaalu territory back when it was still a major house. Hlaalu tends to be smarter than the other houses, and during the Alliance War, they befriended the Nords of Eastern Skyrim and the Argonians of Black Marsh. The Hlaalu folk have a firm grip on Deshaan; they have clout in places such as Narsis and Mournhold. A Hlaalu guard is like Kwama Queens, large and in charge. Their capital is the city of Narsis which is located on Lake Hlaalu.[5]

Compared to the other great houses, House Dres has the less amount of territory in Morrowind. In Deshaan, they control the Southern Marshes in southwestern Morrowind. The city of Tear is the capital of Dres and has a firm grip on the slave industry. Dres nobles have loads of money and jewelry to make a seasonal cutpurse. However, encountering a Dres Noble can turn you into a slave in just blink of an eye.[5]


Second EraEdit

Main article: Deshaan

The Llodos Plague in the SerkEdit

During the Alliance War, Mournhold served as the capital of the Ebonheart Pact. Deshaan had been inflicted by a new disease known as the Llodos Plague. The plague has spread through the region, and many citizens were afflicted. A couple of settlements were destroyed by the disease including Muth Gnaar and Serkamora (renamed to Quarantine Serk). A group is known as the Maulborn had risen from the region and began helping people in need. After a serious investigation by the Vestige, the Maulborn were taking afflicted citizens and turning them into mindless husk who destroy everything. An alchemist in the Serk known as Aerona Berendas found a cure to it to the disease. The Maulborn began to try and afflict the denizens across Deshaan with Plague Husk Scent.[6][7]

Narsis KidnappingsEdit

Councilor Ralden

Councilor Ralden of House Hlaalu.

After the situation in the Serk, the Maulborn traveled to Narsis and kidnapped citizens to infect them with the Llodos Plague. The guards in Narsis did not look into, and many residents assumed the house leaders would do nothing to prevent the spread of the disease. Councilor Ralden of House Hlaalu was given a choice to either close up the city thus preventing the plague from reaching the city or leaving it open to keep the trade flowing through Narsis. The Vestige and Naryu Virian of the Morag Tong were tasked with investigating the sudden disappearances in town. By Lake Hlaalu, the Maulborn camped out nearby and dumped Plague Husk Scent to infect the water supply. A dunmer man named Merdyndril wanted to test the toxin on Narsis by dumping it into Lake Hlaalu. Giron Sadri of House Hlaalu was working with the Maulborn and wanted the Vestige dead to bring the plague in. After finding the missing citizens, the Vestige confronted Sadri at the Narsis Ruins and arrested him. Narsis had been saved from the plague. The plague was used by someone named Magistrix Vox.[8][9][10][11]

The Obsidian Gorge BlockadeEdit

House Hlaalu managed to track down the Maulborn to the Obsidian Gorge northwest of Narsis. The Hlaalu guard and Captain Diiril had cordoned the area to prevent any Maulborn agents from reaching Mournhold. Merdyndril, the creator of the Plague Husk Scent, is trapped in the Daedric ruins nearby. The Maulborn planned on inflicting the city of Mournhold with the disease to decrease support in the Tribunal. Beforehand, a scouting party was sent into the Obsidian Gorge but had not returned. The Vestige traversed the ruins to find that the Maulborn are protected from the plague by wards given to them by Magistrix Vox. After the Vestige had destroyed the wards, Diiril destroyed the crates containing the disease and fought a wave of Maulborn archers. The Maulborn had retreated, and the Hlaalu guard searched for Merdyndril in ruins. After finding his lair, Merdyndril afflicted Diiril with the plague and fought the Vestige. The Vestige kills both Merdyndril and the zombified Diiril and saves Mournhold from impending doom that is the Llodos Plague.[12][13][14]

Uproars in MournholdEdit

After the blockade in the Obsidian Gorge, Mournhold was bustling with visitors from all corners of Deshaan. To keep track of all the new citizens, visitors would be registered into the city by the local Ordinators. Upon arriving at Mournhold, the Vestige is escorted to see Almalexia at the Mournhold Tribunal Temple. She gives the Vestige authority to search Mournhold for anything suspicious relating to the Maulborn. After investigating with Naryu Virian again, the Vestige found an entrance to the Mournhold Underground in the nearby House Dres Farmstead and traveled the sewers. The Maulborn was hidden underneath the city, planning to assault the city from underneath. The small army was led by Maulborn Commander Kalara, and after fighting her, Almalexia appears and finishes her off.[15][16]

Assault on the Tribunal TempleEdit

A group of Maulborn led by Sathram escaped Almalexia's wrath in the sewers and took control of the temple in Northern Mournhold. The Maulborn had opened up multiple daedric portals with Dremora and Watchers coming out. Upon entering the Temple, the Vestige fought the droves of daedra one by one and eventually closed the portals in the Temple. With the daedra gone, the Vestige underwent different trails made by the Tribunal and gained access to the High Chapel to confront Sathram. Sathram was defeated, and Mournhold was saved by the Vestige. All is left is to capture Magistrix Vox who has taken the hammer, Veloth's Judgement away to Siltreen.[17]

Restless Spirits in SelforaEdit

With Veloth's Judgement, Vox has brought the spirits in Selfora into a rage. They destroyed the town and forced the citizens to retreat into the local inn. The Vestige arrived into town and met with a spirit known as the Forlorn One, the only spirit not attacking anyone. With these visions, the Vestige found a way to defeat the Magistrix and defeated her echo in the Selfora Crater. The Vestige and Almalexia's Ordinators venture to the Shrine of Saint Veloth, her last known location.[18]

Desecration at Saint Veloth's Shrine & the Battle of Eidolon's HollowEdit

Magistrix Vox

Magistrix Urili Vox.

Magistrix Vox fled to Eidolon's Hollow to the east and left the Shrine of Saint Veloth with a legion of daedra. Saint Veloth's spirit began to weaken due to the presence of the daedra. The Vestige arrives into the Shrine and restores the monument to its full glory. Saint Veloth gives them his blessing and points them to the Hollow. The Ordinators are camped out south of the Hollow, Almalexia tasks the Vestige into destroying the wards to get into the daedric ruins. Upon entering the ruins, a Chimer ghost reveal Urili Vox's past and her reasoning for attacking the Tribunal. Her son, Meram Vox was against everything the Tribunal stood for and followed the House of Reclamations which included Azura, Boethiah, and Mephala. Meram was murdered by Almalexia for treason, and Urili followed in Meram's footsteps. Through Boethiah's influence, she formed the Maulborn and created the Llodos Plague to ruin the Tribunal.[19][20][21]

The End of the MagistrixEdit

Veloth's Judgement is a powerful hammer capable of Soul Trapping anyone. To rescue the souls captured by Vox, the Vestige must die and bring them back to life. Because of St. Veloth's Blessing, the Vestige remains in Tamriel and can bring the spirits back. With the spirit of Meram Vox, the Vestige brings the souls back and defeats Magistrix Urili Vox. Morrowind has been saved from Vox's wrath.[22]

Third EraEdit

Main article: Mournhold (Tribunal)

Deshaan and it's cities during the SimulacrumEdit

During the Imperial Simulacrum, the borders of Deshaan had been undefined. Many settlements had dotted the landscape, or at least it's general area. These towns include Riverbridge, Old Keep, Silnion Vale, Kithendis Falls, Andrethis, and Bosmora. The Eternal Champion had at one point visited the cities of Mournhold, Narsis, and Tear in their quest for a piece of the Staff of Chaos.

The Dark Brotherhood in MournholdEdit

In 3E 427, the Nerevarine had fulfilled the Nerevarine Prophecy by slaying Dagoth Ur atop of Red Mountain on Vvardenfell and ending the Blight affecting the denizens of Vvardenfell. One night, the Nerevarine was attacked by an assassin from the Dark Brotherhood sent from Mournhold. The Nerevarine arrived in Mournhold to find the assassin's contractor. In Mournhold, the Nerevarine traveled to Old Mournhold to find the leader of the Brotherhood, Dandras Vules and kill him. With news of their whereabouts, the Nerevarine reported their location and ended the Brotherhood chapter in Mournhold.[23][24]

Helseth's Goblin ArmyEdit

King Hlaalu Helseth (Tribunal)

King Helseth Hlaalu.

The king of Mournhold, Athyn Llethan had died from unknown circumstances in 3E 427. His grandnephew, Helseth Hlaalu had taken his place as ruler of Mournhold. Helseth's rule has been controversial to Morrowind, Helseth had outlawed slavery and dismantled the traditional caste system implemented in Dunmeri Society.[25] Fedris Hler of the Temple learned that Helseth had gathered a goblin army underneath the sewers. The army had two Goblin Warchiefs and two Altmer trainers organizing the army. The Nerevarine dismantled the army and saved Mournhold. It was revealed that Helseth was responsible for sending the Brotherhood to kill the Nerevarine. Helseth was pardoned by the traveler after Helseth had realized he made a huge mistake.[26]

The Fabricant's Attack on MournholdEdit

After cleansing a Shrine of the Dead,[27] and retrieving Barilzar's Mazed Band,[28] the Nerevarine proved worthy to Almalexia and helped her in any affair afterwards. Some time later, Sotha Sil's Fabricants began to attack the city of Mournhold. The Nerevarine helped the guard fend off the Fabricants and was sent to Bamz-Amschend to investigate the sudden attacks. In the ruins, the Dwarven machines were fighting the Fabricants as well.[29][30]

Fulfilling the Nerevarine ProphecyEdit

After helping Almalexia a lot, Almalexia was certain this traveler was, in fact, the Nerevarine. She told the traveler of Sotha Sil, his Clockwork City, and the machines he created. The Nerevarine was sent to forge the legendary blade, Trueflame to kill Sotha Sil at his Clockwork City. After forging the blade, the Nerevarine confronted Sotha Sil who died prior by Almalexia's hand. Almalexia had slowly gone mad from losing her divine powers and plans on killing the one person who caused it all, the Nerevarine. After a decisive battle, Almalexia was destroyed by the Nerevarine.[31][32]

Fourth EraEdit

The Effects of the Red YearEdit

During the Red Year, the cities in Deshaan have suffered from Red Mountain's eruption. The area around Tear had been greatly disturbed. The ground had turned into mush, and the city was slowly sinking into the ground. The walls were cracking, and the people were trying their best to evacuate the premises. Despite the devastation, many citizens helped each other out, and hundreds were saved.[33]

Mournhold had oddly enough survived from Red Mountain's wrath. Many residents in Mournhold grieved for their family members that lived in the cities of Vivec, Balmora, Ald'ruhn, and Sadrith Mora at the time of the eruption. Many blamed the Tribunal for causing the explosion while some praised the Tribunal for saving them. A House Redoran councilor in Mournhold ordered a relief effort to rebuild the settlements in Vvardenfell. Further news of the effort is unknown.[34]










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