"Kwama, Breton, queen, egg-hand—all the same. All just meat. They killed her. Killed their own queen. Do you see what it does? What it's doing? Broken. All broken. Just the mine for now, but soon? Everywhere."
―Destaine Stegine[src]

Destaine Stegine is a Breton residing in Gnisis on Vvardenfell. Since the disturbance in the Gnisis Egg Mine, his workplace, he remains trapped in the mine.


What do you mean, "everywhere?" "It's spun out of control. Can't you feel it? It echoes and grows. Echoes and grows. Soon it will be too loud for the mine to contain. Everyone will hear it. Everyone. And then... No! We have to fix it!"

Where is it coming from? What do I need to do to fix it? "Has to be fixed. Has to be perfect."


A Melodic MistakeEdit

As the Vestige delves deeper into the mine, he meets a dead kwama queen and Destaine Stegine, who then gives them information.


  • <The miner no longer speaks. He only hums a melody.>