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Project LeaderEdit

Lead ProgrammerEdit

  • Andy Taylor

Lead ArtistEdit

  • John Pearson


  • Andy Taylor
  • Richard Clark
  • Craig Walton
  • Guy Carver
  • Paul Hoggart

World ArtEdit

  • Michael Kirkbride
  • Jimmy Alam
  • Todd Howard
  • Kurt Kuhlmann
  • Sean Conlon
  • Don Nalezyty

Characters Art and AnimationEdit

  • John Pearson
  • Hugh Riley

2D And Inventory ArtEdit

  • Hugh Riley

Additional ProgrammingEdit

  • Marvin Herbold
  • Morten Moerup
  • Peter Sundholm

Cutscene AnimationsEdit

  • XL Translab
  • Sean Ekanayake
  • Steve Green
  • Josh Jones
  • Mark Jones
  • Gionvanni Nakpil
  • Christopher Ondrus
  • Istvan Pely
  • Christopher Singh
  • Michael Smith
  • Rafael Vargas

Story PaintingsEdit

  • Mark Jackson

Original ScoreEdit

  • Chip Ellinghaus
  • Grant Slawson


  • Ken Rolston

Design and WritingEdit

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