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Devil Cephalopod Helm

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Devil Cephalopod Helm
TES3 Morrowind - Armor - Cephalopod Helm
Armor Type Helmet
Value 1,700
Weight 2.00
Base Armor 8
Armor Health 80
Additional Effects Bound Cuirass
Spell Absorption
Enchantment Value 1,000
Armor Class Light Armor
Item ID devil cephalopod helm
Main article: Armor (Morrowind)

Devil Cephalopod Helm is a light helmet that is enchanted with Conjuration and Mysticism effects. It provides the wearer with a bound cuirass and a chance of absorbing incoming spells.


Enchantment ID: devil cephalopod

All effects are on self:


The following people possess or sell this scroll:


A Devil Cephalopod Helm can be found at the following location(s):

This helm can be generated as leveled loot. There are an additional 32 possible occurrences.


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