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Dhaunayne Aundae is an Altmer nightblade and the leader of the Clan Aundae Vampires. To join the Aundae, the Nerevarine must be infected with Porphyric hemophilia by a member of the clan. Once the Nerevarine has joined the Aundae, Dhaunayne will provide quests that will strengthen the clan as well as allow the Nereverine the services that clan members are afforded.


Blood TiesEdit

Dhaunayne has two quests for Nerevarine, the first of the two being more personal. In the first quest, Dhaunayne will ask the Nereverine to inquire on what became of her son after she became infected, and will give the Nerevarine her family ring to help locate her son.

The Vampire HunterEdit

The second of the two quests is more for the clan. Dhaunayne will ask for the death of Ano Vando, a vampire hunter in Ald'ruhn, in broad daylight so that everyone can see.

After Ano's death she will ask for the deaths of at least twelve vampires from the Quarra Clan and Berne Clan to empower the Aundae and weaken the others.

Hunting vampiresEdit

Any Berne or Quarra killed before being asked will not count towards the twelve needed. Once the number has been met, Dhaunayne will allow the use of the clan's "cattle" for feeding.


  • The contents of A Game at Dinner was supposedly a letter addressed to Dhaunayne about a series of events as chronicled by its anonymous author.