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Diadem of Euphoria
Diadem of Euphoria
Armor Type Headgear
Enchantment Value Constant
Armor Class Light Armor
Item ID See table

The Diadem of Euphoria is a light armor crown in The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles.

It belongs to Thadon, the Duke of Mania. It has leveled Fortify Speechcraft, Resist Magic, and Fortify Magic Enchanting.


Replacing him and becoming duke or duchess of Mania allows it to be acquired. The diadem can also be pickpocketed from Thadon in his sleep. If one chose to be the Duke or Duchess of Dementia one can still get it off him after you kill him later in the questline.


Level WeightIcon GoldIcon ArmorIcon Effects ID
1-4 1 2751 3 Fortify Magicka 10pts
Fortify Speechcraft 10pts
Resist Magic 5%
5-9 1 3251 3 Fortify Magicka 15pts
Fortify Speechcraft 10pts
Resist Magic 5%
10-14 1 5001 3 Fortify Magicka 20pts
Fortify Speechcraft 15pts
Resist Magic 10%
15-19 1 5501 3 Fortify Magicka 25pts
Fortify Speechcraft 15pts
Resist Magic 10%
20-24 1 6501 3 Fortify Magicka 30pts
Fortify Speechcraft 20pts
Resist Magic 10%
25-29 1 7751 3 Fortify Magicka 35pts
Fortify Speechcraft 20pts
Resist Magic 15%
30+ 1 9501 3 Fortify Magicka 40pts
Fortify Speechcraft 25pts
Resist Magic 20%


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