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The following are a list of Furnishing Diagrams.

Once learned, they can be crafted from any Blacksmithing Station with sufficient crafting items and crafting skill.

Table Explanation:

  • R = Regulus
  • H = Heartwood
  • AR = Alchemical Resin
  • MR = Mundane Rune
  • DW = Decorative Wax
  • MW = Metalworking
  • W = Woodworking
  • SP = Solvent Proficiency
  • PI = Potency Improvement
  • RI = Recipe Improvement

List of DiagramsEdit

Name Type Quality R H AR MR DW Style Materials Other Materials MW W SP PI RI
Apparatus, Boiler Workshop (Materials) Epic 15 N/A 13 14 11 20 Nickel 1 Tempering Alloy 10 N/A 8 9 6
Apparatus, Gem Calipers Workshop (Materials) Epic 15 N/A 13 15 11 20 Nickel 1 Tempering Alloy 10 N/A 8 10 6
Argonian Bowl, Serving Hearth (Dishes) Superior 7 N/A 5 N/A 5 10 Flint 6 Dwarven Oil 4 N/A N/A 3 1
Argonian Cup, Bordered Hearth (Dishes) Superior 7 N/A 5 N/A 5 10 Flint 6 Dwarven Oil 4 N/A N/A 3 1
Bowl, Serving Hearth (Dishes) Fine
Breton Candelabra, Formal Lighting (Candles) Legendary
Breton Chandelier, Wrought Iron Lighting (Candles)
Breton Lamp, Hanging Lighting (Lamps) Legendary
Breton Lamp, Oil Lighting (Lamps) Legendary
Breton Lantern, Hanging Lighting (Lanterns) Superior
Breton Lantern, Stationary Lighting (Lanterns) Superior
Breton Lightpost, Arched Lighting (Lightposts) Superior
Breton Medallion, Lion Gallery (Art) Legendary
Breton Sconce, Floor Lighting (Sconces) Legendary
Breton Sconce, Grand Lighting (Sconces) Legendary
Breton Sconce, Sturdy Torch Lighting (Sconces) Fine
Breton Sconce, Torch Lighting (Sconces) Fine
Breton Sconce, Wall Lighting (Sconces) Legendary
Breton Shelf, Barrel Rack Hearth (Stockroom) Superior
Breton Streetlight, Arched Stone Lighting (Lightposts) Superior
Breton Streetlight, Full Lighting (Lightposts) Legendary
Breton Streetlight, Full Stone Lighting (Lightposts) Legendary
Breton Streetlight, Paired Lighting (Lightposts) Superior
Breton Streetlight, Paired Stone Lighting (Lightposts) Superior
Breton Urn Lid, Striated Undercroft (Urns) Legendary
Cage, Covered Undercroft (Urns) Legendary
Cage, Wild Animal Undercroft (Urns) Legendary
Cauldron of Soup Hearth (Cookware) Superior
Cauldron of Stew Hearth (Cookware) Superior
Cauldron, Covered Hearth (Cookware) Superior
Cleaver, Butcher's Hearth (Utensils) Superior
Common Cage, Hunting Workshop (Tools) Fine
Common Cleaver, Cooking Hearth (Utensils) Fine
Common Inkwell, Practical Library (Supplies) Fine
Common Lantern, Hanging Lighting (Lanterns) Fine
Common Lantern, Stationary Lighting (Lanterns) Fine
Common Plate, Setting Hearth (Dishes) Fine
Common Plate, Simple Hearth (Dishes) Fine
Common Platter, Serving Hearth (Dishes) Fine
Common Post, Flag Pole Parlor (Tapestries) Fine
Common Post, Sign Holder Courtyard (Posts and Pillars) Fine
Common Pot, Cooking Workshop (Cooking Stations) Fine
Common Skillet, Practical Hearth (Dishes) Fine
Common Trap, Hunting Workshop (Tools) Fine Dark Elf Basin, Ringed Undercroft (Basins) Fine
Dark Elf Candelabra, Angled Lighting (Candles) Legendary
Dark Elf Candle, Claw Base Lighting (Candles) Fine
Dark Elf Candle, Votive Tray Lighting (Candles) Superior
Dark Elf Cauldron, Banded Hearth (Cookware) Superior
Dark Elf Cauldron, Ringed Hearth (Cookware) Legendary
Dark Elf Censer, Hanging Undercroft (Incense) Legendary
Dark Elf Hook, Wall Gallery (Art) Superior
Dark Elf Kettle Cooker Hearth (Stockroom) Legendary
Dark Elf Lantern, Ashen Lighting (Lanterns) Superior
Dark Elf Lantern, Caged Lighting (Lanterns) Legendary
Dark Elf Lantern, Hanging Lighting (Lanterns) Legendary
Dark Elf Medallion, Tribunal Gallery (Art) Legendary
Dark Elf Pot, Banded Hearth (Pottery) Superior
Dark Elf Pot, Scaled Hearth (Pottery) Superior
Dark Elf Streetlamp, Stone Lighting (Lightposts) Superior
Dark Elf Streetlamps, Stone Lighting (Lightposts) Superior
Dark Elf Thurible, Caged Undercroft (Incense) Legendary
Dark Elf Urn, Banded Hearth (Pottery) Fine
Grilling Rack Hearth (Meats and Cheeses) Superior
High Elf Basin, Gilded Undercroft (Basins) Fine
High Elf Basin, Standing Undercroft (Basins) Legendary
High Elf Basin, Winged Undercroft (Basins) Superior
High Elf Bowl, Serving Hearth (Dishes) Legendary
High Elf Brazier, Winged Lighting (Braziers) Legendary
High Elf Candelabra, Winged Lighting (Candles) Legendary
High Elf Candle, Winged Lighting (Candles) Legendary
High Elf Candleholder, Sturdy Lighting (Candles) Fine
High Elf Carafe, Gilded Hearth (Dishes) Superior
High Elf Crest, Winged Gallery (Art) Legendary
High Elf Cup, Gilded Hearth (Dishes) Fine
High Elf Divider, Delicate Suite (Dividers) Legendary
High Elf Flask, Gilded Hearth (Dishes) Fine
High Elf Flute, Wine Hearth (Drinkware) Superior
High Elf Goblet, Winged Hearth (Dishes) Legendary
High Elf Lamp, Oil Lighting (Lamps) Superior
High Elf Medal, Winged Gallery (Art) Legendary
High Elf Plate, Dinner Hearth (Dishes) Fine
High Elf Platter, Gilded Hearth (Dishes) Superior
High Elf Platter, Winged Hearth (Dishes) Legendary
High Elf Pot, Hanging Hearth (Pottery) Legendary
High Elf Sconce, Winged Lighting (Sconces) Legendary
High Elf Trunk, Jeweled Suite (Trunks) Legendary
High Elf Vase, Gilded Parlor (Vases) Superior
Horn, Display, Cracked Gallery (Display) Epic
Horn, Display, Huge Gallery (Display) Epic
Hourglass, Common Parlor (Knick-Knacks) Legendary
Kennel, Locked Undercroft (Torture) Superior
Khajiit Barstool, Clawfoot Workshop (Stools) Superior
Khajiit Basin, Claw Undercroft (Basins) Superior
Khajiit Brazier, Claw Lighting (Braziers) Superior
Khajiit Brazier, Hanging Lighting (Chandeliers) Legendary
Khajiit Candle, Clawfoot Lighting (Candles) Legendary
Khajiit Candle-Filled Lamp Lighting (Lamps) Legendary
Khajiit Footlocker, Arched Suite (Trunks) Legendary
Khajiit Lantern, Hanging Lighting (Lanterns) Superior
Khajiit Sconce, Spiked Lighting (Sconces) Legendary
Knife, Carving Hearth (Utensils) Fine
Lantern, Dim Lighting (Lanterns) Superior
Lantern, Hanging Lighting (Lanterns) Superior
Nord Brazier, Hanging Lighting (Chandeliers) Legendary
Nord Candle, Antler Lighting (Candles) Legendary
Nord Candle, Tealight Lighting (Candles) Fine
Nord Candleholder, Cup Lighting (Candles) Fine
Nord Chandelier, Antler Lighting (Chandeliers) Legendary
Nord Chest, Latched Suite (Wardrobes) Legendary
Nord Crockpot, Covdered Hearth (Dishes) Superior
Nord Lamppost, Stone Lighting (Lightposts) Legendary
Nord Lantern, Cage Lighting (Lanterns) Fine
Nord Lantern, Hanging Lighting (Lanterns) Superior
Nord Pot, Covered Hearth (Dishes) Fine
Nord Streetlamps, Stone Lighting (Lightposts) Legendary
Orcish Bowl, Stone Hearth (Dishes) Superior
Orcish Brazier, Bordered Lighting (Braziers) Legendary
Orcish Brazier, Floor Lighting (Braziers) Legendary
Orcish Brazier, Hanging Lighting (Braziers) Legendary
Orcish Brazier, Pedestal Lighting (Braziers) Superior
Orcish Brazier, Tabletop Lighting (Braziers) Legendary
Orcish Cauldron, Stealed Undercroft (Urns) Legendary
Orcish Chandelier, Practical Lighting (Chandeliers) Superior
Orcish Chandelier, Spiked Lighting (Chandeliers) Legendary
Orcish Chest, Buckled Suite (Trunks) Legendary
Orcish Footlocker, Buckled Suite (Trunks) Superior
Orcish Knife, Kitchen Hearth (Utensils) Legendary
Orcish Lantern, Hanging Lighting (Lanterns) Superior
Orcish Lantern, Hooded Lighting (Lanterns) Fine
Orcish Mug, Rugged Hearth (Dishes) Fine
Orcish Plate, Stone Hearth (Dishes) Superior
Orcish Saucer, Stone Hearth (Dishes) Superior
Orcish Sconce, Bordered Lighting (Sconces) Legendary
Orcish Sconce, Caged Lighting (Sconces) Superior
Orcish Sconce, Scrolled Lighting (Sconces) Legendary
Orcish Skull Goblet, Empty Hearth (Drinkware) Epic 14
Orcish Strongbox, Buckled Suite (Trunks) Legendary
Orcish Trunk, Buckled Suite (Trunks) Legendary
Orcish Trunk, Heavy Suite (Trunks) Superior
Orcish Vessel, Sealed Hearth (Pottery) Legendary
Pie Dish, Empty Hearth (Dishes) Superior
Redguard Bowl, Hanging Star Hearth (Pottery Superior
Redguard Brazier, Enchanted Lighting (Braziers) Legendary
Redguard Brazier, Garish Lighting (Braziers) Legendary
Redguard Brazier, Robust Lighting (Braziers) Superior
Redguard Candelabra, Polished Lighting (Candles) Legendary 11
Redguard Candelabra, Twisted Lighting (Candles) Legendary 10
Redguard Candleholder, Practical Lighting (Candles) Fine
Redguard Cauldron, Clawfoot Undercroft (Basins) Superior
Redguard Censer, Hanging Bell Undercroft (Incense) Legendary
Redguard Censer, Hanging Bulb Undercroft (Incense) Legendary
Redguard Censer, Hanging Disk Undercroft (Incense) Legendary
Redguard Censer, Hanging Horn Undercroft (Incense) Legendary
Redguard Chalice, Empty Hearth (Dishes) Legendary
Redguard Chalice, Full Hearth (Dishes) Legendary
Redguard Chandelier, Dark Lighting (Chandeliers) Legendary 12
Redguard Chandelier, Grated Lighting (Chandeliers) Legendary
Redguard Chandelier, Polished Lighting (Chandeliers) Legendary
Redguard Chandelier, Polished Grated Lighting (Chandeliers) Legendary
Redguard Cup, Empty Hearth (Dishes) Fine
Redguard Goblet, Empty Hearth (Dishes) Superior
Redguard Goblet, Full Hearth (Dishes) Superior
Redguard Mug, Empty Hearth (Dishes) Superior
Redguard Mug, Full Hearth (Dishes) Superior
Redguard Pot, Hanging Brushed Hearth (Pottery) Fine
Redguard Pot, Hanging Garish Hearth (Pottery) Legendary
Redguard Sconce, Polished Lighting (Sconces) Superior
Redguard Shelf, Barrel Library (Shelves) Superior 8
Redguard Spittoon, Gilded Hearth (Pottery) Legendary
Redguard Streetlamp, Single Lighting (Lightposts) Fine
Redguard Streetmaps, Full Lighting (Lightposts) Legendary
Redguard Streetlamps, Full Lighting (Lightposts) Legendary 12
Redguard Streetlamps, Paired Lighting (Lightposts) Superior 9
Redguard Streetlamps, Triple Lighting (Lightposts) Superior
Redguard Tankard, Empty Hearth (Dishes) Superior
Redguard Urn, Star Undercroft (Urns) Superior
Rough Bowl, Common Hearth (Dishes) Common
Rough Hatchet, Practical Hearth (Dishes) Common
Rough Knife, Butcher Hearth (Utensils) Common
Teapot, Common Hearth (Drinkware) Legendary
Tongs, Forge Workshop (Tools) Superior 8