"Flowers for sale! A posy to gain a sweetheart's favor, perhaps?"
―Diane Guissant[src]

Diane Guissant is a Breton florist found in Daggerfall.


Blood and the Crescent MoonEdit

She is one of the three people the Vestige has to talk to at the market to find out what the note they found means.


Flowers for sale! A posy to gain a sweetheart's favor, perhaps?

Not today. I found a body in the water near the mill wheel. He carried this list.
Oh. That's ... that's a pity. Well, now this is a mess.
What do you mean? I'm taking a chance here. Sometimes I hear strange things. Like what's on that note: black roses with thorns. I've heard whispers of dark nature magic. That's just the kind of thing Roy—your dead man—would be interested in.
How did Roy become involved in all this? With the note? I don't know. That's just what Roy did. He would find out things. Daggerfall has many eyes and ears. After all, information is cheaper than war.