Not to be confused with Didier Gamache.
"Didier Aumilie, ship's clerk. At present, I'm spending my time and gold on the pleasures of the Gold Coast."
―Didier Aumilie[src]

Didier Aumilie quote

Didier Aumilie is a Breton commoner who can usually found at The Count's Arms in Anvil. He enjoys talking about sailors and their wives. He is a ship's clerk, and is currently residing at The Count's Arms in Anvil.

He spends his early mornings at the Chapel of Dibella before heading back to the inn. The only time he doesn't do this is during the Auroran Crisis.


Anvil: "Many of Anvil's folk are directly or indirectly associated with ships and sailing… sailors, ship-owners, men made rich and poor by the sea trade, and the lonely wives of men who follow the sea."