Dion is an Imperial and the Guard Captain of the guard in Skingrad. If he is not standing guard outside the Great Chapel of Julianos, he can be found patrolling the streets.


Dion is seen as a fierce enforcer of the law, he is known to be very stern with the guards and makes it his duty to keep the crime rate low, something the town is known for.



In the Hero's travels in Skingrad, Glarthir will eventually approach them and give them the quest Paranoia. Glarthir will tell them to meet him behind the chapel at midnight.

After the quest Paranoia has started, Dion confronts the Hero and asks why they are asking around town about Glarthir, the town eccentric. After this, he will warn that although Glarthir has been "harmless" so far, if he asks them to do anything strange, the guards should be notified immediately.

If the Hero informs Dion or any of the town guards about Glarthir's attempts to hire an assassin, they will attack and kill Glarthir.


  • His name may be a reference to the Canadian singing superstar Celine Dion. This can be further confirmed when, after completing the main storyline, he can be heard humming the tune to "Because You Loved Me" while patrolling through the streets of Skingrad.