Dire Warren is a Cave in The Elder Scrolls IV: Shivering Isles. It is located north east of Camp Talltrees.


  • Dire Warren
  • Dire Warren, Subterranean


Deep inside Dire Warren Subterranean a man named Traelius has set up camp. He is there by himself studying and he will attack on sight. If killed, loot his body for his journal which tells of his lover Alyssa, who didn't like the cavern and decided to leave.

He continues saying that he left her at the waterfall and never saw her again although he sometimes heard her calling his name, but dismissing it as memories from the past. Follow the path down the waterfall and the stream all the way, and her body can be found washed ashore. Search her and take her journal which tells her side of the story. She also has a special unenchanted Elven bow named Ly'ssane.