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Discovering Ruunvald, Vol IV is a journal belonging to Moric Sidrey, a Vigilant of Stendarr.

Known locationsEdit

  • Ruunvald - last barrel on right, near wooden structure, just before entrance to Ruunvald temple.



I have found my muse and her name is Minorne. Reading back over old journals, I realize she has called to me from deep inside Ruunvald. She is the voice I've been hearing, the one who has called me ever downwards into the mountain. The Vigilants, the workers, they hear her too! What joy to learn that I am not alone in her love! Oh, Minorne, how would we have ever found this place without you! As I write this we are digging out the last bit of rock to get to you. Those without tools have started using their hands! I cannot write anymore, I must get back to work. Ruunvald awaits!

M. Sidrey


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  • This book may clips through the barrel, making it almost impossible for console users to obtain. In some cases, the Unrelenting Force shout or AoE spells like Fireball can be used to push the book inside the barrel towards the edge (or outside the barrel entirely), where it clips through slightly and can be grabbed if the console player searches hard enough. PC users can noclip through to get it.


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