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Discussion with Abal at-Inzil, priest of Tava

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Abal at-Inzil Temple

King Fahara'jad is a mighty and shrewd leader, and I do not question his joining with the Covenant. Many who worship here, though, have their doubts and grievances—especially about allying with the Orcs, our enemy of long years. Many rightly despise their worship of the so-called ‘Divine’ Mauloch. This god is clearly a guise for Malooc, the Horde King and hated enemy to the Redguard people.

This presents challenges for cooperation. I have advised my faithful to focus their anger into their daily training and practice, to envision the glorious future of our people, and to realize that this is a mere step on our path. I have even encouraged them to provide an example, that perhaps the Orcs might someday come to know the true Divines through our own displays of honor and strength.”


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