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There are ten diseases that can be contracted in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim. They are as follows:

Disease Effect Contracted from FormID
Ataxia Lockpicking & Pickpocket become 25% harder. Skeevers, Frostbite Spiders, Slaughterfish, Traps 000B877C
Black Heart Blight DR Drains 10 points from Carry Weight. xx01ff2e
Bone Break Fever Stamina -25 Bears, Traps 000B877E
Brain Rot Magicka -25 Hagravens, Traps 000B877F
Droops DR One-handed and two-handed weapon damage is 15% lower. Ash Hopper xx0285c1
Lycanthropy Ability to transform into a Werewolf (however this is not considered a true disease, as it cannot be contracted or cured in the same way vampirism or other diseases are) The Companions quest line N/A, as the game does not treat this as a disease
Rattles Stamina recovers 50% slower. Chaurus, Traps 000B8781
Rockjoint 25% less effective with melee weapons. Horkers, Bears, Wolves and Foxes, Traps 000B8782
Sanguinare Vampiris Health -25, progresses to Vampirism. Vampires, Bloodspring 000B8780 or xx0037e9DG
Witbane Magicka recovers 50% slower. Traps, Sabre Cats 000B8783

Curing diseasesEdit

  • The Temple of Mara in Riften cures diseases. To do so, one must get the priestess' blessing.
  • Most diseases can be cured at a shrine to a deity. These shrines can be located in Hold Capitals, in caves, or randomly in the landscape. For example, in Whiterun, Shrines are located in the Temple of Kynareth, the Hall of the Dead, or the Statue of Talos (these locations are all in the Wind District).
  • Talking to Falion in Morthal and participating in his ritual will cure the Dragonborn of Vampirism. This is the only method in Skyrim (excluding DLC) to remove Vampirism, short of becoming a Werewolf.
  • The Shrine of Nocturnal in the Thieves Guild is also able to cure diseases. It can be found there after completing the main Thieves Guild quest line.
  • Potions of Cure Disease also remove all diseases when used.
  • With the addition of Hearthfire, the Dragonborn can cook Garlic Bread which will cure their diseases. However, they must have built one of the available homesteads with a kitchen.
  • The Vigilants of Stendarr also have the ability to cure disease. To trigger this, one must simply talk to one and ask to be cured.
  • Lycanthropy is the only disease in Skyrim (excluding DLC) that is contracted (by choice, through a questline) and cured on the same questline (also by choice).
  • Vampirism is contracted (by choice) through the main questline in The Elder Scrolls V: Dawnguard. It cannot be cured in that questline. However, if the player sides with the Vampires, their Lycanthropy will be replaced with Vampirism (this is the only method of contracting Vampirism in Skyrim without having to experience Sanguinare Vampiris).
  • Eating a Hawk Feather will cure diseases.
  •  PC   Using the console command player.removespell <Disease ID> will remove that disease.
    •  PC  Players can remove Vampirism by changing their character's race with the command showracemenu. Alternatively, using the command changesex will provide the same result.


  • Having a disease does not protect against contracting another. The only exception is that having Lycanthropy protects against Sanguinare Vampiris, but Sanguinare Vampiris might not prevent Lycanthropy. In spite of what the Guide says, Lycanthropy and Sanguinare Vampiris, while increasing resistance to other diseases, does not confer 100% immunity.
  • Should the Dragonborn contract Lycanthropy while under the effects of Sanguinare Vampiris, they would formerly still become a vampire, though their vampirism would be bugged and would not advance past stage 3. This has since been patched to make Lycanthropy and Vampirism cancel each other out.
  • If the player contracts a disease, some NPCs will frequently comment on how ill the player looks.
  • Although most diseases have negative effects, some have positive effects. For example, Lycanthropy gives you the ability to transform into a werewolf. Similarly, Vampirism (if contracted from Serana or Harkon during the Dawnguard questline) grants you the ability to transform into a Vampire Lord.
  • At the end of the Redwater Den dungeon is a spring releasing a red, blood-like water known as the Bloodspring. Activating it will cause a non-vampiric player to contract several diseases. It is possible to contract almost all diseases from the spring (including Sanguinare Vampiris) with the sole exception of Lycanthropy. Redwater Den can be found east of Ivarstead and northwest from Riften, and is exclusive to the Dawnguard add-on.

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