Disloyalty Among the Guards is one of the quests in the main questline of The Elder Scrolls III: Tribunal, after "A Temple Informant." The Nerevarine is tasked with investigating the Royal Guards of Mournhold.


  • Talk to Tienius Delitian.
    • Accept his task to investigate the Royal Guards.
  • Speak with Ivulen Irano about "Two Kings."
  • Return to Delitian.
    • Speak with him about Irano.
  • Return to Irano.
  • Speak with Aleri Aren about Irano.
  • Return to Delitian.
  • Search Irano's chest in the Guard's Quarters.
    • Take the handwritten note.
  • Give Delitian the note.


Upon returning to Tienius Delitian after speaking with the Temple Informant, Delitian will ask that the Nerevarine aid him in investigating the Royal Guard. Delitian suggests that the Nerevarine pretends to be a new recruit, attempting to join the Royal Guard while investigating, although he asks that the Nerevarine take no action, or mention their relationship with House Hlaalu.

Ill Informed IranoEdit

Asking around the Royal Guard about "Two Kings" will reveal that one guardsman, Ivulen Irano, has a relatively poor response to the question, suggesting that he is disloyal to the king. The Nerevarine may return to Delitian at this point, although he will suggest that the Hero need to get more information. Mentioning the Nerevarine's connection to House Hlaalu to Irano will get him to panic, meaning he will direct the Hero to Aleri Aren, and beg them not to speak to Delitian.

Apprehension about ArenEdit

Aleri Aren - Morrowind

Aleri Aren

Speaking with Aren, who is a Royal Guard that can be found in the upstairs portion of the Guard's Quarters, will reveal that she believes Irano has simply misunderstood what was going on. She states that she will have a word with him, leaving the Nerevarine to return to Delitian, although their suspicions are aroused by her response. Returning to Delitian with this information prompts him to ask the Nerevarine to search Irano's possessions for more information.

Delitian warns the Hero that they will be treated as a criminal if caught picking the lock of Irano's chest, which can be found in the Guards Quarters. The chest does not have to be searched, instead looking around the chest will reveal a handwritten note on the floor which shows the Guard's roster over the previous weeks. The Nerevarine must take this to Delitian to complete the quest.


Disloyalty Among the Guards - TR07_Guard
ID Journal Entry
1 Tienius Delitian has questions about the loyalties of some of the Royal Guards. I'm to pose as a candidate wanting to join the Guards as an excuse for talking to the guards, sounding them out, and looking for evidence of disloyalty. If I find any hint of treason or find evidence of disloyalty, I should bring it to Tienius Delitian. I should take no action against any guard, but should let Tienius Delitian decide what to do.
  • Quest accepted
5 When I asked Ivulen Irano about King Helseth, he delivered what sounded like a memorized and not-very-sincere sounding speech. Maybe he's just not very bright. But maybe he's just not a very good liar.
10 Ivulen Irano made a special point of telling me to tell Aleri Aren about my Hlaalu connections. He also made a special point of my NOT telling Tienius Delitian.
15 I spoke to Aleri Aren about my Hlaalu connections, like Ivulen Irano suggested. Aleri Aren acted like she didn't know what he was talking about. I suspect Ivulen Irano said something to me that he shouldn't have, and Aleri Aren was covering up for him.
50 Near a chest owned by Ivulen Irano I found a handwritten copy of guard duty rosters for the past several weeks. The handwriting is tiny and almost illegible, with frequent misspellings. But three names are always correctly spelled -- Milvela Dralen, Ivulen Irano, and Aleri Aren -- and those watches when all three are the only guards in the Throne Room have been underlined twice. This is quite peculiar. I think it is what Tienius Delitian has been looking for.
100 After reading Ivulen Irano's handwritten notes on the watch schedules, Tienius Delitian agreed that I'd found clear evidence of disloyalty among the guards. He praised my work, and asked me for help with another official matter.
  • Quest complete


  • A copy of The Common Tongue can be found under the pillow of Irano's bed.
    • This will not complete the quest if shown to Delitian.

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