Disrupt the Skaal Hunt is a quest in The Elder Scrolls III: Bloodmoon.


  • Rest and Listen to Hircine.
  • Travel to the Eastern Shore of Lake Fjalding.
  • Kill the Trackers at the campsites.
  • When they're dead kill the Spirit Bear.
  • Wait until Hircine contacts you and gives you a Bonewolf Spell.



Disrupt the Skaal Hunt
Hircine has come to me again in my dreams. I saw visions of the Skaal preparing a ceremonial hunt for the Spirit Bear. I must travel to the western shores of Lake Fjalding this night and kill these Skaal while they track the bear. Then I must kill the Spirit Bear as well.
  • Quest accepted
I have killed the Skaal trackers.
I have killed the Spirit Bear.
Hircine is pleased with my obedience, and has granted me the ability to summon an undead Bonewolf to my side when I walk in the day.
  • Quest complete

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