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Dissapla Mine is a Fighters Guild quest in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


  1. Talk to Hrundi at Wolverine Hall to get the orders.
  2. Go to Dissapla Mine.
  3. Talk to Novor Drethan to find out what is wrong.
  4. Rescue Teres Arothan from the nix-hounds
  5. Return to Hrundi to complete the quest and get the reward.





Dissapla Mine – FG_DissaplaMine
IDJournal Entry
10Hrundi told me to go to the Dissapla Mine and do what Novor Drethan says. The Dissapla Mine is northeast of the Dunmer stronghold Falensarano, which is on the mainland west of Tel Aruhn.
  • Quest accepted
30Novor Drethan told me that the mine has been having problems with a pack of Nix Hounds and that one of the miners, Teres Arothan, is missing. I must find Teres Arothan or his corpse and return to Novor Drethan.
40I agreed to try and find Teres Arothan in the Dissapla Mine.
50Teres Arothan asked me to help guide him back to the entrance of the mine.
55I failed to rescue Teres Arothan from the Dissapla Mines.
  • Quest failed
70I guided Teres Arothan back to the mine entrance.
90Novor Drethan thanked me for rescuing Teres Arothan.
100Hrundi thanked me for finishing the contract and gave me my pay.
  • Quest completed
110Hrundi was displeased that I was unable to complete my mission in the Dissapla Mines.
  • Quest completed

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