"Welcome to my humble shop. If you'd be so kind as to make a purchase, I'd be eternally grateful!"
―Div Nervion[src]

Div Nervion is a Dunmer general goods merchant working at the St. Olms Market in the Saint Olms Plaza on the upper level of the Canton of St. Olms the Just in Vivec City.


  • "Trade has been slow ever since the mountain started rumbling. Please, if you have even a shred of compassion, buy something from me today!"
  • "I don't mean to be forward, but you're the eighty-seventh customer to walk through that door—and the last eighty-six didn't buy a thing. Please, good customer, change that pattern and we'll both be wealthier for it!"
  • "People come by to look. They always want to look. But do any of them open their gold pouches and offer to make a purchase? Fewer than I'd prefer, I'll tell you that!"