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"The Telvanni decided to honor me with membership in their great house. This tower was their idea of a gift. Their choice of location was... portentous, let's say. For them. My own auspices are far brighter"
―Divayth Fyr[src]

Divayth Fyr is a skilled Dunmer wizard of House Telvanni who resides in his tower of Tel Fyr on Vvardenfell. He is encountered as quest giver and guide in the Halls of Fabrication,[1] and also involved in the main questline of the Clockwork City.[2][3]


Forging the FutureEdit

Divayth Fyr is found in the lower floor of Tel Fyr, and will "Come to consult the great Divayth Fyr? I'm afraid I'm rather occupied at the moment." when approached. He will first ask you to clear a path through Anababi caves in the Halls of Fabrication

To The Clockwork CityEdit

Meet Divayth Fyr in Mournhold.[2][3]

In Search of a SponsorEdit

The Strangeness of SehtEdit

Where Shadows LieEdit

Sotha Sil: "You trespass, Ur-dra. The Clockwork City shall bear your wait no longer.
Nocturnal: "You achieve nothing, little godling. The Triad looms upon Summerset's shores. All that is shall be ours!"
Divayth Fyr: "Well done, my friend. Enough theatrics, Luciana. On your feet. Luciana...?"
Sotha Sil: "We should return to the surface. This is no place for mortals."

The Light of KnowledgeEdit

Sotha Sil: "Thank you both for coming."
Divayth Fyr: "Of course, old friend. You seem troubled. More troubled than usual, I mean."
Sotha Sil: "Perceptive, as always. I do not wish to diminish your achievement, but Nocturnal's defeat here will be short-lived.
What's more, she does not act alone. A third enemy looms at the edge of my sight.
Their covetous eyes are now fixed on the Summerset Isles."
Divayth Fyr: "Then we should inform the rest of the Psijics. They'll need to prepare."
Sotha Sil: "I will inform them personally. I have a separate task for you, Divayth.
Take the Skeleton Key. Keep it hidden for as long as you can. I trust that this task pleases you? After all, your love of such trinkets is what brought you here in the first place."
Divayth Fyr: "Sometimes I wonder if you see too much. I will keep it safe."
Sotha Sil: "Farewell, Divayth Fyr. We will not meet again."


Show: Forging the Future

"The Telvanni decided to honor me with membership in their great house. This tower was their idea of a gift. Their choice of location was... portentous, let's say. For them. My own auspices are far brighter.'"

What makes you say that?
"I'm a traveller. At my doorstep, a new path. The natural conclusion should be obvious. I intend to explore beyond the rift that has emerged in my basement, or rather, the caverns beyond; however, none of this lot are willing or able to join me."

What exactly do you need accomplished?
"Upsets in planar demarcation are remarkably complex. Study must be free from distraction. An impossibility while constructs continously spill from the rift. We must find their source and shut it down."
Understood. Where do we begin?
"Clear a path through the meddlesome machines in the cavern beyond this antechamber. I will join you once I've completed my usual transliminal preparations."
What kind of constructs are we dealing with? or You mentioned constructs. What kind?
"Some are Dwemeri. Tinkered with in ways beyond even my experience. Intriguing, but not nearly so interesting as the fabricants. Their marraige of organic of the organic and inorganic defied all contemporary wisdom. But are they as they seem."
What is a fabricant?
"What indeed. I'd only heard descriptions of the creatures in my talks with Barilzar, Sotha Sil's former apprentice. Even he doesn't seem to have a full grasp of their design. They are life driven by clockwork, if all is to be believed."
Do you know where this rift leads?
"Given the eruption of fabricants into the caverns, my theory is it somehow intersects with Clockwork City. Anything beyond that is pure speculation."
Clockwork City?
"The domain of Sotha Sil. A world of his own design. Privilege of being a god. Whether it exists in Nirn is the subject of much conjecture. Perhaps we'll finally lay that debate to rest."
I don't think we've been properly introduced.
"I'd assumed you knew whose home it was you were standing in. Divayth Fyr. Does that name's significance escape you as well."
No, I'm actually a fan of your writings.
"Then you should be honored to see my work first hand. I'll make a note of your contribution to my next book, posthumous or no."
Yes, sorry.
"For your sake, I hope you're more prepared for what's to come. As for me, you could say I am a practitioner of magic. If you were partial to understatement. I am the premiere authority on extra-planar travel. My writings are taught the world over."
Show: To The Clockwork City
Show: In Search of a Sponsor
Show: The Strangeness of Seht
Show: Where Shadows Lie
Show: The Light of Knowledge


  • "Come to consult the great Divayth Fyr? I'm afraid I'm preoccupied at the moment..." —When first met, before "Forging the Future"