Divided by Nix-Hounds is a miscellaneous quest in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind.


  1. Talk to Falanu Indaren or Drerel Indaren.
  2. Escort Drerel, (Optional) Kill the Nix-Hounds.
  3. Reunite Falanu and Drerel.


Finding DrerelEdit

Upon meeting Falanu near Ald'ruhn, she will explain how she got separated from her husband after a Nix-Hound attack. She recounts how she played dead, while her husband, Drerel, drew the Nix-Hounds away. She indicates, that, Drerel went west. She will, then, ask the Nerevarine to help find him.

If the Nerevarine wanders directly towards the west, over a hill, a pack of Nix-Hounds will be encountered (if they haven't, previously, been dispatched). After dealing with the pack, on top the next little hill, westward, among some boulders, Drerel can be found.

He will ask the Hero to escort him back to his wife.

After escorting him back, he will thank the Nerevarine, and offer a skill book named A Dance in Fire, Book II.

Finding FalanuEdit

Flanu & Drerel' s location - Ald'ruhn -morrowind

Drerel and Flanalu's location

Upon meeting Drerel, west of Ald'ruhn, among some boulders, he will explain how he got separated from his wife after a Nix-Hound attack. However, the beasts got the best of him, so he fled to draw the Nix-Hounds away from her, while she played dead. He will, then, ask the Nerevarine to help find her.

If the Nerevarine wanders directly towards the east, down the hill, a pack of Nix-Hounds may be encountered. After dealing with the pack, beyond the next little hill, eastward, on a slop, stands Flalanu, behind which, Ald'ruhn's Silt Strider can be seen.

After escorting him back to her, he will thank the Nerevarine, and offer a skill book named A Dance in Fire, Book II.



Divided by Nix-Hounds – MV_MissingCompanion
IDJournal Entry
10While wandering near Ald'ruhn, I found Falanu Indaren, who had apparently been attacked by a pack of nix hounds while traveling with her husband.
  • Quest accepted
15While wandering near Ald'ruhn, I found Drerel Indaren, hiding among some rocks. He has been attacked by some nix hounds while traveling with his wife, and looks a little worse for the wear.
  • Quest accepted
20It seems that Falanu attempted to play dead when the nix hounds attacked, while her husband, Drerel Indaren, tried to fight them off. The hounds were too much for him, though, and he was chased off by them. She fears he may be dead, but is afraid to look for him for fear of being attacked again.
25Apparently, Drerel attempted to fight off the nix hounds while his wife pretended to be dead. Although he put up a valiant struggle, the nix hounds got the best of him. He fled away from his wife, so as not to draw the nix hounds any closer to her. He fears they might have found her again and she might be dead, and would like me to help him find her.
30I have decided to search for Drerel Indaren. Falanu doesn't figure he got too far, as he was injured by the nix hounds. I can only hope I am able to find him before he succumbs to his injuries. She was unsure, but she believes he fled to the west.
31I have no time to try and help Falanu Indaren find her husband.
  • Quest failed
35I've agreed to travel with Drerel Indaren in an attempt to find his wife, Falanu. We can only hope that she was able to adequately fool the nix hounds into thinking she was dead, and that the beasts moved on. He thinks he fled west, but is unsure due to the confusion of the battle.
36While I appreciate Drerel's plight, I have no time to help him find his wife.
  • Quest failed
40I've found Drerel Indaren, and will attempt to lead him back to his wife. The nix hounds did injure him, but he managed to survive by hiding among some rocks.
50I was able to lead Drerel Indaren back to his wife, Falanu, and both were relieved to see that the other was alive.
60The reunited couple was very grateful for my troubles, but had little to offer me in the way of payment for my services. They did, however, give me one of their favorite books.
  • Quest completed
70Unfortunately, Drerel Indaren was killed on our way to find his wife. Sadly, the two will never be reunited.
  • Quest completed


  • This quest can be started either by meeting Drerel, or by meeting Falanu.
  • Drerel has no weapons or armor, and may get killed by the Nix-Hounds.