Divine Delusions is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind.


Archcanon Tarvus agrees that Chodala is somehow involved in Lord Vivec's loss of power. He wants me to confirm his involvement and find a way to get his staff without starting a war with the Ashlanders.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. After speaking with Archcanon Tarvus, go to Aldruhn.
  2. Talk to Seryn and follow her.
  3. Go to the Cavern of the Incarnate.
  4. Talk to Wise Woman Dovrosi inside the cavern.
    1. Commune with Incarnate Ranso.
    2. Commune with Incarnate Aduri.
    3. Commune with Incarnate Danaat.
  5. Talk to Azura.
  6. Return to Ald'ruhn and talk to Seryn.
  7. Enter Skar.
  8. Help Seryn disprove Chodala's claim.
  9. Defeat the Red Exiles.
  10. Follow Seryn.
  11. Talk to Azura.
  12. Return to Vivec's Palace and talk to Vivec.



After returning to Ald'ruhn, follow Seryn to find the Wise Woman inside her tent. Upon entering her tent, Chodala will be waiting there, saying the wise woman has gone to the cavern of the Incarnate to confirm his claim to be Nerevarine.

Cavern of the IncarnateEdit

Upon entering the cavern, Wise Woman Dovrosi can be encountered. After speaking to her she will give you blessed grave dust to be poured on the dead corpses of the failed incarnates Ranso, Aduri and Danaat. After fulfilling the request, the spirits of the three will give you a scroll explaining the reason they were Failed Incarnates. After talking to them, head to the statue of Azura in the caverns to speak with her. She will instruct you to return to Ald'ruhn and help Dovrosi and Seryn prove Chodala's claim wrong.

Disproving Chodala's claimEdit

After returning to Ald'ruhn, Seryn will be waiting outside Skar. She will explain that Chodala is inside Skar with the Wise Woman, about to be announced Nerevarine. She says that since outlanders do not have status in the council she will have to be the one to challenge her brother's claim, with the help of the scrolls of the Failed Incarnates. Enter Skar together with Seryn and hear her speech. To counter her brother's arguments, she will need you to provide her with the correct scroll of the Failed Incarnates. First, she will need Ranso's scroll, then Aduri's, and lastly Dannat's. The Wise Woman will then deny Chodala's claim and he will run away in anger, calling out his Red Exile soldiers to attack.

After defeating the Red Exiles follow Seryn outside. Azura will talk through Seryn, naming her Champion of the Moon and Star and asking you to assist Vivec. After hearing her out, return to Vivec's Palace and talk to him.