Divine Inquiries is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Investigate Barilzar's Tower.
  2. Talk to Barilzar.
  3. Help complete Barilzar's experiment.
  4. Talk to Barilzar.
  5. Investigate Balmora.
  6. Gather information.
  7. Find Crew Chief Hondulf.
  8. Enter Shulk Ore Mine.
  9. Retrieve the ritual items.
  10. Learn about the Ashlander Thief.
  11. Talk to Hondulf.
  12. Investigate Ald'ruhn.
  13. Talk to Seryn.
  14. Find Seryn's brother.
  15. Talk to Seryn.
  16. Return to Archcanon's Office.


Barilzar's TowerEdit

Barilzar can be encountered inside his laboratory, where he will request you help him with his experiment. There are five crystals in different shapes and colors that must be activated in the right order, with a switch to reset the puzzle if the order is wrong. The correct order for the activation is: red sphere, yellow tetrahedron, green square, blue diamond and violet octagon.


After arriving at Balmora, you must gather information. A house proclamation can be found on the east side of the city. There will be a small boat in the river flowing through Balmora, where a Khajiit named Renaku will be hauling cargo will give additional information. A Dunmer waitress named Milesa Relavel in The Randy Netch Inn must also be spoken to.

After gathering enough information, you will need to speak to Crew Chief Hondulf in Shulk Ore Mine. He will talk about a ritual and an Ashlander Thief leading a band of cultists. Investigate the mine to retrieve the ritual items and find the Red Exile Instructions, which contain information about the Ashlander Thief. Return to Hondulf and speak to him.


In Ald'ruhn you will encounter a Dunmer named Seryn who will ask you to find her brother. The whereabouts of him can be found after reading Meeting with Chodala, located at Red Exile Camp. Return to Archcanon's office and give Archcanon Tarvus the documents. After he has reviewed them, talk to Vivec.