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Divine Intervention is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls Online: Morrowind.


Lord Vivec's condition continues to deteriorate as his energy drains away. Archcanon Tarvus believes that Chodala's staff holds the key to saving the Warrior-Poet. However, it also makes the Ashlander practically impervious to harm.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  1. Return to Barilzar's Tower.
  2. Find Barilzar.
  3. Rescue Barilzar.
  4. Talk to Leona Blasio.
  5. Talk to Volrina Quarra.
  6. Talk to Snorfin.
  7. Travel to Nchuleft and retrieve the Dwemer component.
  8. Travel to Arkngthunch-Sturdumz and retrieve the Dwemer component.
  9. Travel to Galom Daeus and retrieve the Dwemer component.
  10. Return to Barilzar and give him the components.


Barilzar's towerEdit

Upon arriving at Barilzar's Tower, Daedra will be attacking Barilzar. Defeat the Daedra to rescue him. Afterwards, he will ask the Vestige to talk to his former hirelings who were asked to retrieve Dwarven components for his invention.

Molag MarEdit

In the small town of Molag Mar, west of Barilzar's Tower, three of Barilzar's former hirelings will be waiting. After speaking to them. they will reveal the location of the components in the Dwemer ruins.


Nchuleft is one of the component locations. Travel to the bottom of the ruin, to a large area surrounded by lava. The component is located in a chest on the east side and behind a rock.

Galom DaeusEdit

Inside Galom Daeus, Volrina's Notes can be found on the floor. Inside the last room two Berne clan members will be hammering at a destroyed Dwarven spider that will explode and kill them. Loot the spider to find the control rod and use it on the rest of the fallen Dwarven spiders to make them work. Then they will disable the barrier shielding the component, so the player is able to take the component.


After entering Arkngthunch-Sturdumz, Snorfin's Notes: Arkngthunch-Sturdumz can be immediately found on the ground, giving a hint in what the Vestige must do to get to the component. Spectral guardians and Dwemer constructs will be encountered, and there will be three pipes blowing fire out and preventing access to the component. If the valves on the pipes are activated, the fire will stop and the Vestige can get the component.


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