The Dogeater Clan was a tribe of Goblins who inhabited the island of Stros M'Kai. They were living on the northern side of the island and had domesticated the native Durzog.


During the time of Interregnum the Dogeater Clan was lead by the warmongering King Demog. Goblins held control over a camp south of the Rash Merchant's Plummet, a large Dogeater Goblin Camp north of the Port Hunding and a small forward camp on the Northeastern coast of the island.

King Demog's plans involved and attack on Port Hunding and murder of its inhabitants. However the threat remained unnoticed by the Headman Bhosek, who was in charge of the port.[1]

As a result, a couple of NordsGugnir and his brothers—decided to take matters into their own hands. After hiring bodyguards they attempted to murder the Goblin king, but failed. Gugnir was the last surviving member of the party.[1] Luckily, King Demog was slain before the assault on Port Hunding could be realized.[2]

Goblins of the clan were also used as guardians for the gem rogue Jakarn had stolen from the Headman Bhosek. Jakarn was assured, that the Goblins were too stupid to trade the gem away, but would certainly kill anyone who got close.[3] Recovery of the gem from its hideout resulted in death of the clan member Gornog.[4]

Under effects of his own special brew, a Breton Marq had successfully integrated among the Goblins.[5] After a leaving the clan, Marq still praised his time among the Goblins, claiming that the food was free and clothing optional.[6]


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