Domalen is a Redguard Commoner who resides in the Foreign Quarter Plaza in Vivec City.


An Apothecary SlanderedEdit

Domalen hands out leaflets about Aurane Frernis' goods, claiming that she is unethical and that her products are dangerous. If shown to Aurane, she requests that the Nerevarine investigate the source of the slanderous leaflets.


Opening dialogue

Take this, friend. I think everybody should read this leaflet. It has important information on it.


It has important information in it. Something must be done.
Opening dialogue
Yes? Do you need another leaflet?
What about it?
These are all lies. Frernis is an honest woman
Listen, friend, times have been tough for me and mine. So, when Belan offered me some gold to hand these out for her, I jumped at the chance. Gotta make ends meet, you know? Belan makes the leaflets. I just distribute them.
Tell me where these leaflets are from!
Look, I don't have to tell you a thing. Get out of my way.
Belan makes the leaflets
Right. Galuro Belan. She's an apothecary over in the Telvanni section. I don't think her business is doing to well right now.

Attributes and equipmentEdit


Domalen is skilled in a variety of fields, but is not particularly adept at any of them. He is merely a novice at all five of his primary skills.
Primary Skills
Athletics 36
Hand-to-Hand 36
Mercantile 36
Speechcraft 36
Unarmored 31

Abilities, powers, and spellsEdit

Abilities Powers Spells
  • None