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Main article: Armor (Morrowind)

Domina Armor is a type of light armor in The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind. It was added as part of the LeFemm Armor plug-in.



The following characters either sell the armor or wear it (as listed)

Attributes by pieceEdit

Name Armor Type WeightIcon ArmorIcon GoldIcon Health-icon Ench. Value ID
Domina Boots Boots 7.0 15 25 120 6 Domina_boots
Domina Cuirass Cuirass 10.0 15 90 360 12 Domina_cuirass
Domina Greaves Greaves 6.5 15 55 110 4 Domina_greaves
Domina Helmet Helmet 3.0 15 38 80 4 Domina_Helm
Domina Left Gauntlet Left Gauntlet 1.5 15 15 80 8 Domina_gauntlet_L
Domina Right Gauntlet Right Gauntlet 1.5 15 15 80 8 Domina_gauntlet_R
Domina Left Pauldron Left Pauldron 3.0 15 30 80 4 Domina_pauldron_L
Domina Right Pauldron Right Pauldron 3.0 15 30 80 4 Domina_pauldron_R


The Elder Scrolls III: Morrowind LeFemm Armor

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