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The Dominion Navy[1] was the naval force of the First Aldmeri Dominion, Second Aldmeri Dominion, and the Third Aldmeri Dominion. It is and was one of the most powerful navies ever to set sail on the oceans of Nirn.


The Aldmeri Dominion Navy has been used extensively in wars over the hundreds of years in its existence. From the Battle of the Red Ring[2] to the battles in the Alliance War, the Navy has been deployed all across Tamriel.

Alliance WarEdit

During the Alliance War the navy fought several conflicts against the Sea Vipers, Maormer pirates that took advantage of the Alliance War by harassing the Aldmeri Dominion. Several Dominion ships are sunk by the Sea Vipers. Evidence of this is in the quest "Cast Adrift" where the Sea Vipers used magical storms to sink the Dominion Ships.[3] They also used scouting ships near Bleakrock Isle.[4]

Tiber WarsEdit

Sometime in between the Alliance War and the Tiber Wars the First Aldmeri Dominion fell and the Second Aldmeri Dominion rose. The Second Aldmeri Dominion was an alliance between the Summerset Isles and Valenwood.[5] When the Tiber Wars started the ground forces of the Dominion would easily pushed back, but the navy held firm. They terrorized the Cape of the Blue Divide and the Topal Bay.[5] However, despite the navies best efforts eventually the Dominion fell to the Empire and peace nearly came to the Summerset Isles.

War of the IsleEdit

After the Empire conquered the Second Aldmeri Dominion the Summerset Isles still had war. In the year 3E 110, King Orgnum of the Maormer launched an invasion on the Summerset Isles that nearly succeeded. The Imperial Navy, Summerset Isles Navy, and the Psijics came together to defend the isles. During the battle, a massive storm came in and destroyed the Maormer fleet and killing King Orgnum.[6]

Great WarEdit

After the Oblivion Crisis the Empire was extremely weakened and some of the provinces began to break away. One of these provinces was the Summerset Isles. It went on to form the Third Aldmeri Dominion that controlled the Summerset Isles, Valenwood, and the new states of Anequina and Pellitine which are formed from what used to be Elsweyr. Eventually war broke out between the Empire and the Dominion in a war simply known as the Great War. The most infamous battle of the war was the Battle of the Red Ring in which the Imperial and Dominion navies had epic clashes on Lake Rumare whilst massive ground battles occurred on Red Ring Road. Here the Dominion navy eventually won over the Imperial navy and the Aldmeri Dominion took the Imperial City.[2]

Known Dominion shipsEdit