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When assaulting an Argonian village or settlement, be careful of the large, usually centrally-located tree within the hamlet's boundaries. The Argonians call it a Hist tree and their cold-blooded race can be driven into a berserk fury if it is attacked. The tree has something to do with their mating rituals and life-cycle, so that is understandable.

But avoiding their fury is the least of your worries. Damaging or destroying a Hist tree without a command-level order is expressly forbidden. In most mud-ridden, bug-infested, scale-skin settlements, the Hist tree is the only valuable resource worth taking … and it is very valuable.

Each raiding party must include a contingent of sappers. Not wall-penetration specialists, but tree-sappers. Their weapons include tubes, pipes, drills, and portable distilleries. It is their job to recover as much "Hist sap" from these trees as possible. And, since the sap decays quickly, it is imperative each sapper crew be protected while the distillation process completes.

Failure to recover Hist sap from each Argonian village means overall failure of the expedition, so be wary. The Dominion does not tolerate failure.


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