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Donation from Cunius Pelelius is a quest given to the Nerevarine by Iulus Truptor for the Imperial Cult faction.


Iulus Truptor, who is responsible for the cult's fund raising, asks the Nerevarine to try and persuade Cunius Pelelius to donate 500GoldIcon for the Widows and Orphans fund. He says that Cunius, who lives in Caldera, is a prominent and wealthy cult member, but has not donated anything yet. As he has an exculsive Imperial charter to exploit the rich ebony deposits of Caldera Mine, he must be very rich and giving away 500 GoldIcon should not be a problem. However, he has been avoiding the cult members and Iulus fears he will defer the matter indefinitely.

Quick walkthroughEdit

  • Speak with Iulus Truptor in Ebonheart to obtain the quest.
  • Iulus needs someone to travel to Caldera and collect 500 gold from Cunius for the Widows and Orphans Fund.
  • Travel to Caldera, Cunius is located in the Governor's Hall.
  • Speak with Cunius and he says he is very busy but will discuss it later.
  • At this point there are several options: accept his word, ask him for a date, and pressure him for the donation.
  • If pressured he will become angry and attack.
  • Otherwise it is now time to find an alternate means to get him to donate the money.
  • Speak with a nearby NPC and select the "Cunius Pelelius" Dialogue option and they will direct the Nerevarine to Olumba gro-Boglar. He can be found on the upper hallway.
  • Olumba directs you to Caldera Mine to find information on Cunius.
  • Travel to Caldera Mine and grab a Caldera Ledger from one of the tables.
  • Go into the mine and speak with any slave and they will inform you that Cunius has been stealing Raw Ebony to sell.
  • Return to Cunius with this information and "Threaten" him and he will give you 3 Raw Ebony to sell.
  • Sell the Raw Ebony and return to Iulus.
  • Give Iulus the 500 gold.

Detailed walkthroughEdit

Once in Caldera, the Nerevarine ought to ask around about Cunius Pelelius. The people in the village will refuse to give any information about him, regardless their disposition, claiming that it is more than their life worth to say something about such a rich man.

Cunius Pelelius himself resides at the Governor's Hall. Upon trying to convince him to donate the 500GoldIcon, he will postbone a meeting as Iulus Truptor had predicted. The other residents at the Governor's Hall have something to say about him, however. They hint that he has financial problems, and direct the Nerevarine to Olumba gro-Boglar to find out more. Olumba, who resides on a upstairs hallway, informs the Nerevarine that Cunius Pelelius is stealing raw ebony and sells it without paying the taxes, thus being guilty of smuggling. He proposes to ask the slaves at the Caldera Mine to find evidence, although he suspects it will be difficult to convince them to talk.

To get the salves inside Caldera Mine talking, the Nerevarine must raise their disposition. An elegant way of doing this is freeing the slaves with the helpf of the Caldera Slave Key that can be found inside the Mining Guard Tower at the Caldera Mining Company. The slaves will tell the Nerevarine that Cunius Pelelius is stealing and selling raw ebony from the mine, as he has financial problems.

Confronted with this information, Cunius Pelelius will give in and hand the Nerevarine three pieces of raw ebony. They should sell it and bring the money to Iulus Truptor.


Journal Entry
Iulus Truptor has sent me to the Governor's Hall in Caldera to persuade Cunius Pelelius of the Caldera Mining Company to donate 500 gold to the Imperial cult's Widows and Orphans Fund. When I've obtained the donation, I'm to deliver it to Iulus Truptor.
  • Quest accepted
I asked Cunius Pelelius to donate 500 gold to the Imperial cult's Widows and Orphans Fund. He said he was very busy at the moment, but he would be happy to discuss the donation at a later date.
Olumba gro-Boglar, a member of the Imperial cult, told me why Cunius Pelelius is slow in redeeming his pledged donation. Olumba says Cunius Pelelius has gotten into money trouble, and that he's trying to handle his trouble by skimming from the Caldera mine and smuggling raw ebony. I might be able to pressure Cunius Pelelius if I had proof of his misdeeds. Olumba says the slaves in the mine would know, but they'll be afraid to talk. Perhaps I can persuade them.
I spoke to a slave in the Caldera Mines, and he said the 'boss man' sneaks in at night, takes ebony, puts it in a bag, then takes it away. Perhaps this is not solid enough evidence to take to the guards. But perhaps, if confronted with this testimony, Cunius Pelelius may reconsider his unwillingness to donate 500 gold to the Widows and Orphans Fund.
When I confronted Cunius Pelelius with the salve's testimony about his sneaking into the Caldera Mine and removing raw ebony, Cunius Pelelius decided to give me three pieces of raw ebony. If I sell these pieces of raw ebony, I should be able to get 500 gold and more to deliver to Iulus Truptor for the the [sic] [Do not change this to the. This misspelled word is how it appears in-game.] Widows and Orphans Fund.
I delivered 500 golds to Iulus Truptor for the Widows and Orphans Fund. He was very pleased. He gave me an interesting assortment of scrolls he had received from an anonymous donor, and told me to speak to him again when I'm ready for another almoner's mission.
  • Quest completed
I told Iulus Truptor I could't get Cunius Pelelius to donate 500 gold to the Imperial cult's Widows and Orphans Fund. Iulus was disappointed, and told me to decide wheter my talents and temperaments are suited for soliciting donations. Before I approach him again for an almoner's mission, I must be sure I want to give the Imperial cult my full commitment.
  • Quest failed