Doranar is a Bosmer first found near the Axe and Bridle in Morkul Stronghold.


Atypical ArtistryEdit


Show: Atypical Artistry

You would think the great artisans of Morkul might appreciate a fellow artist. You would be wrong!

What do you mean? I'm studying an eminently misunderstood collection of artists native to Wrothgar. But how am I to complete my provocative companion artwork without the appropriate materials?

You're studying the art of the Morkul clan? What? No, no - the ogres! Their visual arrangement, indiscernible textures, the smels ... oh, the smells! Ogres have long realized art should stimulate every sense. I don't suppose you'd care to help me acquire the necessarily redolent materials?
All right. Tell me what you need. There's an ogre den in a nearby cave called "Morkul Descent." Grab anything ogre-created which has a natural look, feel, or smell. Bring it all to the House of Orsimer Glories and I'll assemble my artwork!
What type of art do ogres make? I'm not clear, to be honest. It can't be that hard - sticks and twine, maybe a few bones or horns here and there, smashed together with a particularly odoriferous glob. Nothing I can't manage!
But why specifically are you interested in ogre artwork? Have you met Preparator Noguza at the House of Orsimer Glories? I overheard her mention ogre artwork was something they'd consider displaying. And if I make the artwork with genuine ogre materials, we both win!

After Vestige comes to the House of Orsimer Glories:

What an undeniable armoa! Let's see ... bones ... more bones ... a slightly different bone ... some sticky goop to hold it all together. My friend, you have outdone yourself!

Do you think this will work? Have faith! A sculpture begins as a block of stone. A masterful painting? Nothing but canvas on the board. Time to assemble this for Preparator Noguza. Soon, all shall witness my glorious homage to Wrothgar's ogres!

Conversation between Doranar and Preparator Noguza after quest has been complete:[?]