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Dorian' House is a location in the Imperial City and the home of Dorian. This is a typical upper-middle class house with two floors and a basement. He has two leveled chests upstairs in his bedroom.


The front door enters into the moderately sized lounge area of the two-roomed ground floor. Two clutter barrels sit beside a silverware shelf on the northern wall with three clutter sacks and a tableware shelf adorning the area adjacent to the front door, on the eastern wall.

A pantry stands against the wall that separates the lounge with the dining area. The lounge area has two cheese wedges upon a ceramic plate, an alcohol cupboard in the corner with two clutter sacks and a chest resting in the same corner. A wine rack sits in the far corner with six bottles of Tamika's West Weald Wine, six bottles of the Surilie Brothers wine and two bottles of cheap wine. Some silver goblets sit on a shelf beneath.

The second room on the ground floor is sparsely populated by a dining area and storage. Upon the dining table, three hams, an apple and a loaf of bread rest upon silver tableware, with three bottles of mead to wash the meal down. A pantry with three bottles of Surilie Brothers wine , two bottles of cheap wine and a single bottle of Tamika's West Weald wine atop it stands next to a clutter chest. Two storage barrels stand in the northeastern corner with another sack whilst a chest and three clutter sacks sit in the southeastern corner.