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Race Nord
Gender Female
Level 1
Class Child
Rank Citizen
Ref ID 00013484
Base ID 00013477
"Papa says I'm too friendly with strangers, but you seem all right."

Dorthe is a Nord child. She is the young cousin of Hadvar and daughter of Sigrid and Alvor the blacksmith, who both live in Riverwood.


She is her father's self-appointed apprentice at the forge and looks forward to making her own weapon someday.  She can usually be found inside her parents' house or around her father's forge.

Dorthe is also known to send hired thugs after the Dragonborn, if they choose to steal from Riverwood, despite her young age.

Dorthe is good friends with the only other child in Riverwood, Frodnar, although sometimes he plays mean pranks on her. Dorthe can be seen sitting on the bench outside Sleeping Giant Inn talking to Frodnar and his dog Stump. They also occasionally play tag or hide-and-seek.


  • "Ain't nothing a boy can do that I can't do better."
  • "Did you really see a dragon?"
  • "I hate you! I hate you forever and ever!" (If the Dragonborn kills her parents)
  • "Mama doesn't think I'm girlish enough. But that's just stupid girl talk."
  • "My father is Alvor, the blacksmith. I'm his assistant. I mean, apprentice."
  • "Papa may have wanted a son, but he got me... He's a lucky man."
  • "Papa says I'm not ready for weapons. So I make lots of horseshoes and hobnails."
  • "Papa says I'm too friendly with strangers, but you seem all right."
  • "Some day I'm going to forge my own sword!"
  • "I don't want to talk about it." (If Alvor and Sigrid die because of anyone but the Dragonborn, such as because of a dragon.)


  • If Hearthfire is installed, then it's possible for Dorthe to be sent to Honorhall Orphanage if Alvor and Sigrid die. There, she can be adopted.
  • If the Dragonborn commits a crime that affects Dorthe, she will send hired thugs in retaliation.


  •  PC   360   PS3  Dorthe may sometimes randomly equip an Imperial Bow.
  •  360   Dorthe may sometimes be encountered in Whiterun.


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