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Draconian Madstone

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Golden Touch (Achievement) Draconian Madstone
Draconian Madstone
Weight 1 WeightIcon
Value 1500 GoldIcon
Class Amulet
Enchantment Resist Poison 50%
Resist Disease 50%
FormID 0001C172

The Draconian Madstone is an ancient Akaviri artifact found in Pale Pass in the northern Jerall Mountains.

Countess Narina Carvain of Bruma sends the Hero of Kvatch on a quest, Lifting the Vale, to retrieve it for her.



  • After completing Lifting the Vale one can pick the lock on the display case in the throne room to retrieve the Madstone. It will be counted as stolen however so one will need to sell it to a Thieves' Guild fence then buy it back in order for it to not be taken in case they are arrested.
  • Countess Carvain tells them at the start of the quest that the Madstone protects its wearer from all poisons, however the amulet only has a 50% enchantment.
  • This could be a reference to the madness of Emperor Draco of Ancient Greece.


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