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Draconic Power is a Dragonknight skill line in The Elder Scrolls Online.


Ultimate skillsEdit

  • Dragon Leap: The player leaps forward on magical wings, dealing AoE damage upon landing, knocking nearby foes backwards.

Active skillsEdit

  • Spiked Armor: Increases the player's damage resistance and reflects damage to melee attackers.
  • Dark Talons: Root all nearby enemies, dealing additional damage to any enemies not already affected by talons.
  • Dragon Blood: Immediately heals the player and applies a medium-duration heal-over-time.
  • Reflective Scale: Reflects incoming projectiles for a short period of time.
  • Inhale: Absorbs health from every nearby enemy, then returns damage to affected foes depending on the total amount of health absorbed.

Passive skillsEdit

  • Iron Skin: Increases the amount of damage the players is able to block.
  • Burning Heart: Increases the healing received for each dragon skill on the player's bar.
  • Elder Dragon: Increases passive health regeneration for each dragon skill on the player's bar.
  • Scaled Armor: Increases the player's innate resistance to enemy spells.


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