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For other uses, see Dragon's Breath Mead.
Dragon's Breath Mead is a quest available in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.


If spoken to, Olda will say that her husband, Horgeir, is a drunk and has a spot nearby where he hides his beverages. She also says that the cache is guarded by wolves. After that, she asks the Dragonborn to retrieve the Dragon's Breath Mead from its hiding place and bring it to her, because it is his favorite. She says all the other beverages can be taken, but she wants the Dragon's Breath Mead.

Head southwest, but stay north of the river on the map. There will be a small cave guarded by three wolves. The beverages can be found in a crate behind some bushes inside the cave. There are several wine bottles, Nord Mead bottles, and one bottle of Dragon's Breath Mead.

When brought back to Olda, she gives a reward of 500-750 GoldIcon.

Alternatively, if the bottle is given to Horgeir, he thanks the Dragonborn for saving it from his spiteful wife and teaches a one-point Block skill increase as a reward to help "block a punch that might be coming from an angry spouse."

To get the mead back after completing the quest, pickpocket the mead from either Olda or Horgeir, depending on whom it was given to.


Journal Entry
  • Objective: Steal the Dragon's Breath Mead for Olda
  • Objective: Bring the Dragon's Breath Mead to Olda
  • Quest complete


  • If either Olda or Horgeir dies, the quest will fail.
  • While the other beverages respawn, the Dragon's Breath mead does not.


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