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Dragon's Tongue, a common name for a fern-like herb found in Black Marsh, is especially prolific around the area of the Ultherus Swamp. It is a beautiful wildflower whose name comes from the fire red fronds that protect its golden efflorescence. As pretty as it is, however, it is a deadly poison to most beings and needs to be avoided by adventurers, especially unprotected ones due to its lethal touch.


Members of the Mages Guild who are caught stealing from the guild are temporarily expelled, and will need to collect 20 Dragon's Tongue (and 20 Domica Redworts) and give them to Raminus Polus in the Arcane University to rejoin it.


  • There is a large concentration of Dragon's Tongue at Fort Bulwark (Knights of the Nine required), there are also Domica Redwort and other flora. Look near the top of the "d" in "Blackwood" on the map--There are 11 Dragon's Tongue, 5 within the fort's walls and 6 just outside, and 24 Domica Redwort; 4 within and 20 outside, respectively.
  • Near the 't' of "County Bravil" (south of Bravil on the map), there are two small patches of Dragon's Tongue, containing 10 and 6 plants for a total of 16.
  • There are about 4 Dragon's Tongue flowers near the door of house Greyland.
  • There are many Dragon's Tongue spread around at Fort Redwater, on the shore of Panther River.
  • There is at least one plant at Black Dog Camp.
  • In the far north east of the Arcane University garden area, there are a few plants among the various other concentration of plants.
  • There's 12 directly to the west of Fort Irony, in between some trees and rocks, 7 on the fort side, and 5 on the opposite.
  • There are 3 Dragon's Tongue plants located directly west of Nenyond Twyll, and directly north of the "d" in County Skingrad.
  • 1 Dragon's Tongue plant can be found in the ruins of Silorn south east of Skingrad. The plant is located on the right side of the statue.
  • There is one Dragon's Tongue in Anvil, near the mermaid statue.
  • 6 Dragon's Tongue Plants can be found in the living area of the Frostcrag Spire is downloaded from Xbox Live Marketplace.
  • Three can be found a tiny bit south east of the Mouth Of The Panther.
  • There are 5 Dragon's Tongue Plants under the stairs at Bloodrun Cave.
  • There are several Dragon's Tongue in and around Wendelbek, which is east of the Mouth Of The Panther.
  • There is one Dragon's Tongue Plant outside of Amelion Tomb.


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