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Dragon Cultist
Dragon cultist Duo
Basic Info
Level (D.C#1) 6 - 35 (D.C.#2)
Health-icon 150 - 323
MagickaIcon 50 - 233
Stamina 175 - 139
Spells/Abilities Ice/Fire Hands
Soul Size Black
Base ID 00024180, 00024187

Dragon Cultists are Dragon worshipers comparable to Draugr. There are two different versions of the Dragon Cultist which can appear based on level. They appear as ghosts and some may carry a Dragon Priest Dagger. Dragon Cultists wear full set of Ancient Nord Armor. A Dragon Cultist changes into an ash pile when killed.




  • Despite dropping a full set of Ancient Nord Armor, some of the Dragon Cultists don't wear helmets, but hoods.
  • Using the Fire Breath shout on the spectral versions of the Dragon Cultists causes them to lose their ghost form, and appear as Nords. It will wear off after about 20 seconds.


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