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Main article: Creatures (Online)
Main article: Dragon Priest

Dragon Priests are magic-wielding undead that appear in The Elder Scrolls Online.

Related questsEdit

A Walk Above the CloudsEdit

Draugr DilemmaEdit

Simply MisplacedEdit

Help Sheogorath recover the Fork of Horripilation.

What Waits BeneathEdit

Help a former Dragon Priest find his peace by killing the Necromancer that raised him.

Known locationsEdit

Known Dragon PriestsEdit


Akiirdal is a Dragon Priest found in The Howling Sepulchers.


Arthosiis is a Dragon Priest found in Exile's Barrow. Unlike other dragon priests, Arthosiis is located in High Rock, after he and the dragon he served were exiled from Skyrim. OR


Korthor is a Dragon Priest in Vuldngrav. He carries the Fork of Horripilation.


Haldriin is the shade of a Dragon Priest found in Skyshroud Barrow. The shade of the priest can be aided in a quest to stop a necromancer from defiling his tomb.


Vosis is a Dragon Priest found in Forelhost. He has a shard of Wuuthrad which he recovered from a group of Worm Cultists that attempted to take his mask.

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