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For other uses, see Dragon Priest Staff.
Main article: Staves (Skyrim)

The Dragon Priest Staff is a weapon that appears in The Elder Scrolls V: Skyrim.



  • This item shares its name with the Dragon Priest Staff, just that the other staff creates a lightning wall.
  • The staff has the same effect as the Destruction spell Wall of Flames.
  • The recharge of the staff is much larger than Grand Soul Gems.
  • Despite not being the only Skyrim Dragon Priest to wield a staff, this is the only Skyrim priest who has a staff with the official title of Dragon Priest Staff (excluding Nahkriin who carries a unique-in-appearance variant) as opposed to generic stave names that describe the staff's ability. This is made stranger by the fact that all the Skyrim staff-wielding priests use staves identical in appearance (excluding Nahkriin again) yet this is the only one to receive the title.


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