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Dragon Scales
TESV Dragon Scales
10 WeightIcon
Base Value:
250 GoldIcon
Type: Miscellaneous Items
FormID: 0003ADA3
For other uses, see Dragon's Scales.

Dragon Scales are a crafting material found in Skyrim.


Dragon Scales are one of the main components used to make dragonscale armor and dragonplate armor. Dragon Scales are quite valuable, but their heavy weight makes it difficult to carry very many at once.


  • Dragon Scales are obtained from the skeletal remains of dragons A dead dragon will normally yield 1 - 6 scales.
  • There is a single Dragon Scale in Rorikstead. At the top of the hill, next to a pile of rubble, there is a shrine to Akatosh where the scale can be found.

This Dragon Scale will replenish once a week, and enough scales for an entire set of armor can be gathered even before unlocking the Dragons in the main quest, if you wait long enough. This particular Shrine is the only one to have a Dragon Scale. When combined with the Dragon Bones from the Skeletal Dragon found in Labyrinthian during the College of Winterhold main quest, and if the Armorer's skill is maxed out before unlocking the Dragons, both types of armor can be obtained before there are actually any Dragons about.

Dragon HeartscalesEdit

Dragon Heartscales are a unique type of Dragon Scale that can be obtained by looting a dragon's corpse while having the unique Dragon Priest Dagger Kahvozein's Fang equipped in the right hand. Dragon Heartscales have the same weight and value as normal Dragon Scales; however, they have a slight color difference.



  • Dropping Dragon Scales in quantities of six or greater for followers to pick up causes them to merge into one clump, as is usual. However, when Followers pick up the scales, they do not always retain their original quantity, rather, they sometimes drop down to one scale. A solution is to trade with followers instead.
  •  360   PS3   If dropped from the inventory in a stack, when picked up they may be marked as stolen.

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