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Dragonborn may refer to any of the following:

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  • Dovah-kiin or Dov-ah-kiin?

    3 messages
    • Dovah is the name of the race. Dov is the name of the creature. It's the difference between humanity and human. Dovahkiin is more if a title t...
    • Dov-ah-Kiin is always the way i pronounce it. And yes i think your speculation is absolutely correct Gobi Dovahkiin hunts Dragons after all :)
  • What does dovahkiin

    2 messages
    • dovahkiin means dov is dragon ah is hunter and kiin is child or born
    • The way it was said in the old trailer suggests its Dovah-Kiin or Dragon-Born, theres also a thread about this here.

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