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Dragonborn may refer to any of the following:

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  • Favorite Shouts?

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    • On second though, Unrelenting Force never gets old. Either shoving stubborn enemies away (or off cliffs), or using it to make followers go d...
    • Ice Form is really good. It freezes your enemy soild brick of ice so you can either kill them or run away. Unertheling force is fun to use ...
  • Disabling Skyrim Add-ons...What would happen if...

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    • I'm pretty sure it's possible. If you're playing on Steam, when you press Play, a menu pops up with the options "PLAY, "DATA FILES" etc. Click...
    • The PS3 (i imagine its similar to 360) shows the dlc in a menu from the title screen but you can't turn then on and off like the PC esm's. ...

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