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Dragonborn may refer to any of the following:

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  • Dragonborn is bugged

    2 messages
    • I got Dragonborn and it messed up my game! I was at level 50 and it made me go back to 42. Now I lost my best armor, sword, and like 50,...
    • You do nothing. You suck it up and continue playing, it's not like you lost your whole save. Just a slight rollback. All the gold and armor ...
  • What happens if you complete the Civil War without doing the main quest line?

    8 messages
    • Coppermantis wrote:Tehpwner7067 wrote:It wont mess up anything. In fact (spoiler alert) if you sided with the Imperials, you meet Ulfric ...
    • good to know that completing the civil war questline doesn't wreck the main questline so i can start it now

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