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The Dragonfly in a Jar is a miscellaneous item that, as its name suggests, contains a live orange dartwing in a jar. There are other types of jars like this that can be found throughout Skyrim; each jar contains a different insect. It is one of many insects found living in Skyrim.


The jar can be found in Dushnikh Yal, inside Burguk's Longhouse in the cellar (which is entered via a trapdoor to the right of the fireplace, directly ahead from the entrance to the longhouse). The Dragonfly in a Jar is located on the lower shelf of a cupboard, which is under the scaffolding when first entering the cellar.


There is an inscription on the inside of all of the insect jars. The markings are diagrams of the insects contained in the jars. The symbols on the inner side of the lid read a "+," a "W," and what appears to be an upside-down, backwards checkmark. The "+" represents the head, the "W" the wings, and the check the tail of the dragonfly.



  • Like the Bee in a Jar, the Dragonfly in a Jar does not respawn.

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