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For other uses, see Dragonstar.

Dragonstar is a location appearing in The Elder Scrolls Travels: Shadowkey. It is split between the forces of Skyrim and Hammerfell due to the War of Bend'r-Mahk.



The divide between the east and the wast leaves a strong mutual distrust between the two sides, and skirmishes within the city are common. Despite its strong strategic location in the war, the majority of fighting takes place in the area around the city, so as to keep either side from receiving reinforcements and gaining and upper hand within the city. The first to be discovered by the hero will be the western half, occupied by Hammerfell. The war has taken a heavy toll on its people, and many will beg the hero to give them supplies or anything else to relieve their hardships. To get to the eastern portion, the hero must pass two Skyrim guards who, despite the hostilities, allow them to pass if they are given one by Tanyin Aldwyr. The eastern half is even worse than the west, and soldiers occupy nearly every home, waiting for their next opportunity to strike at the expense of the citizens.[1]



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