The Dragontail Mountains form a large region in Hammerfell, south of the Iliac Bay. The mountain range acts as a border for many other regions, including Tigonus, the Alik'r, Santaki, Dak'fron, Lainlyn, Kozanset, Totambu, and Mournoth, and completely surrounds Ephesus. Serving as the provincial seat is the city of Dragontail, it is populated mostly by Orcs and Redguards. The regional deity is Arkay and the dominant vampire clan is KhulariScourg Barrow, the headquarters of the Necromancers, is located in the region. Dragontail Mountains are also home to two witch covens, the Witches of Devilrock (Devilrock Coven) and the Witches of the Mountain (Coven of the Peaks), and to the Scenarist Guild.[1]


Empress Kintyra Septim II crossed the Dragontail Mountains with an army during her ill-fated attempt to crush her aunt, the Wolf Queen Potema, during the War of Red Diamond.[2]

The region of Dragontail Mountains was considered unconquered territory until 3E 417, when the Miracle of Peace brought it under the control of Sentinel.[3] Legends say that Diagna, Orichalc God of the Sideways Blade, resides amidst the mountains.[4]



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